Treat yourself to a set of gorgeous plates and bowls.
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Staub dinnerware on designed background
Credit: Courtesy of Staub

The finishing touch on any delicious meal isn't the garnish, the sauce or even the cocktail—it's the plate you serve it on. And while flimsy paper plates or the old, slightly scratched set in the cabinet will do for backyard barbecues and weeknight meals with friends or family, sometimes you want something showy for the meal you've spent all day cooking (or just for a dinner that *looks* like it took all day to make). That's where something simple but stunning, like Staub's new dinnerware set, comes into play.

Staub, the French company best known for its sturdy, long-lasting enameled cast iron and pretty casserole dishes, has finally launched a set of dinnerware that's just as gorgeous as its kitchen tools. The Staub 12-Piece Dinnerware Set (buy it: $199.99, was $300; Zwilling), now available in white truffle and classic white, promises to look good next to your matching Dutch oven and even last longer than a typical dish set.

Staub Dining Line, 12 piece set
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This set of dinner plates, salad plates and bowls is crafted from moisture-resistant stoneware and topped with an enamel finish that is "highly scratch resistant," according to the product listing. Each dish is stamped along the rim with the Staub logo for a subtly rustic feel. The dishes are safe to microwave, freeze, wash in a dishwasher and bake up to 500°F.

And if you're the kind of entertainer who wants a cohesive look on your dinner table, you can even add a set of four pasta bowls to your collection. (Those bowls are also on sale right now, down to $90 from $130.) You could also add a 10-inch serving dish, a set of four mugs or a set of appetizer plates to your cart for a full set that looks amazing.

Reviewers have already chimed in with their love for the dish set, calling out its obvious quality, durability and overall look on a set table. "A beautiful modern style set based on the traditional Staub 'compass' cast iron pieces," one reviewer wrote. "This set is perfect for family meals and entertaining. I especially like rimmed plates for keeping sauces and gravies from spilling over. A durable ceramic set that feels great in your hand and is suitable for microwaves, freezers and dishwashers." Others call the dishes "generous" and "elegant."

These are definitely the kind of dishes that you'll want to haul out for special occasions, like a big Thanksgiving dinner or a luxe birthday meal—but we also bet that recipes like our Grilled Zucchini & Halloumi with Herbed Couscous and Lemony Spaghetti with Parmesan & Thyme would look pretty Instagram-worthy on these plates any day of the week. Pick up a set while they're on sale for an extra touch of glamour at any meal.