Time to check your freezer!
Daily Harvest crumbles with Recall sticker on designed background
Credit: Daily Harvest Crumbles promotional image

Daily Harvest, the meal subscription service and online food retailer, has issued a recall of its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles, a vegan meat substitute. This recall announcement comes after customer reports of the crumbles causing gastrointestinal issues, according to the brand's official statement. Daily Harvest currently ships to 95% of the continental United States.

While Daily Harvest also carries Walnut + Thyme Crumbles, the lentil product is the only one affected at this time. The lentil-leek crumbles are currently discontinued while the company conducts an investigation to determine the cause of the reported food poisoning. Daily Harvest recommends that you throw this product away if you still have it in your kitchen. For more information, email hello@daily-harvest.com with your questions or concerns.

It's still unclear what kind of illness the crumbles may have caused, but Daily Harvest customers have been sharing symptoms in a Reddit thread dedicated to the recall. The thread was started by a user who described experiencing "debilitating stomach pain" that required a trip to the emergency room after eating the crumbles. Assuming that the pain was caused by something else, the user tried the crumbles several days later and had to return to the doctor with a fever that lasted for more than 12 hours.

Others in the thread had similar experiences that eventually required a trip to see a medical professional. Many of the users had a similar lot number on their crumble packaging: "L02-VEGBN BEST BY 10/23/2022 L5-A." But you should avoid eating any lentil crumbles you have on hand, even if they are from a different lot.

The most prominent complaint so far comes from Abigail Silverman, a fashion influencer and Cosmopolitan's digital creative director, who shared that she experienced similar symptoms after eating the crumbles a few weeks ago. In a TikTok, Silverman said that she had to spend the night in the emergency room and is still experiencing problems with her liver after her stay in the hospital. Jenna Deezio, a wellness influencer on TikTok, also shared that she ate the crumbles and had to visit the emergency room twice before finding out that her gut was "severely inflamed."

If you have experienced any uncomfortable symptoms after eating the lentil-leek crumbles, you should seek help from a medical professional. Folks who have been sick can contact the Food & Drug Administration to report a foodborne illness. You can find the consumer complaint coordinator for your state on the FDA's website or fill out a MedWatch survey to share your symptoms and concerns.