Everything from dinner essentials to fun new drinks is on the way.

June is upon us, and with it comes the onset of summer, plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and even some brand-spankin'-new Aldi finds. No matter what you love about the summer—a chance to eat more fresh veggies, weekends by the grill or afternoons at the pool—there's an Aldi find that will mesh perfectly with your style.

The retailer, which has already launched a whole slew of fruity wines and seltzers for the season, will be adding breakfast staples, refreshing nonalcoholic beverages and savory salad dressing to its lineup next month. Read on for the 10 Aldi finds we're most excited about in June.

1. Kind Protein Granola

Whether you enjoy a bowl of granola in the morning with a splash of milk or prefer to add some to your daily yogurt, these Kind clusters would be a tasty addition to your pantry. For a little nuttiness, pick up a package of the almond butter clusters, which would be a fun addition to your next batch of Mini Frozen Yogurt Parfaits. If you prefer to start with something sweet, snag a bag of dark chocolate clusters. Each 11-ounce bag costs just $4.53, and you'll find them in stores starting June 1.

2. Benner Fruity Tea

These fun tea bags will add some refreshing fruit flavor to your hot or cold drink lineup. Sip on a warm cup to get you going in the morning or use several of these fruity tea bags to make a pitcher of iced tea to share with friends. Tropical green tea, lemon-ginger herbal tea and peach rooibos tea are all tasty flavor options for your next tea restock. Pick up a pack of 20 bags for $2.29 beginning June 1.

3. Season's Choice Steamed Grain Blend

On those nights when you want to build a quick dinner from your pantry or freezer, these steamed grain blends will be the start of something delicious. The quinoa blend includes red rice, white quinoa, black beans and mixed veggies in a simple sauce, while the couscous blend includes pasta, edamame, broccoli and carrots in a tasty sauce. Have one as a main dish or serve it as a side to rotisserie chicken or baked tofu for a quick dinner—either way, you can steam the grains in the bag in your microwave for simple prep. Pick up a 12-ounce bag for $2.99 beginning June 8.

4. Nature's Nectar Sparkling Coconut Water

You'll want these sparkling drinks on hand for a fizzy addition to your poolside cooler or a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Available in two flavors, raspberry-lime and lemon-ginger, these drinks put a fun twist on highly hydrating coconut water. Starting on June 8, pick up a pack of four cans for $3.89.

5. Kirkwood Chicken Patties

These chicken burgers will help you shake up your dinner routine. Toss a couple on the grill for a little twist on your usual cookout fare, or make one on your stovetop for a quick weeknight meal. You can take your pick of two flavors—the Italian-inspired Roma patty with red onion, sun-dried tomato and Asiago and fontina cheeses or the sweeter Hawaiian-inspired patty with crushed pineapple and teriyaki. Serve up your burgers with a simple slaw, and dinner is ready to go. Pick up a pack of six burgers for $9.49 beginning June 15.

6. Chobani Red, White & Poppin' Flip Yogurt

This ready-to-eat yogurt parfait would be perfect to keep on hand for a quick dessert. Each 4.5-ounce container of this special-edition flavor comes with low-fat lemon Greek yogurt and a side of red, white and blue popping candy. You'll get your fill of healthy Greek yogurt with a little extra nostalgic flair. Try the seasonal flavor, while supplies last, for $1.18 starting June 22.

7. PopCorners Flex Protein Crisps

Fans of chips and popcorn alike will be intrigued by this flavorful snack option. Reach for these on days when you're in the mood for a super-savory snack that has a little more staying power than regular potato chips. Each serving has 10 grams of protein, which can help you stay full longer. Available in flavors like Buffalo and barbecue, these crisps are a fun way to add some variety to your afternoon nosh. Pick up a 5-ounce bag for $2.98 beginning June 29.

8. Olive Garden Signature Italian Dressing

Sometimes it feels like everything tastes better when you're eating at a restaurant—including a simple salad. Bring a little bit of that restaurant flair into your own home with Olive Garden's very own Italian dressing, arriving in Aldi stores on June 29. Each 16-ounce bottle costs $3.36 and contains 16 servings. Try it over our Greek Salad with Edamame or this Mediterranean Quinoa Salad.

9. Smartwater Spa Flavors

If you have a hard time motivating yourself to drink water during the day, trying something with a little natural flavor might help you stay hydrated. Smartwater's spa-inspired waters make it easy to enjoy infused water even when you're at work or on the go. Flavors like cucumber-lime, watermelon-mint, strawberry-blackberry and pineapple-kiwi will all be available, so you can taste-test to your heart's content. Try a bottle (or two) for $1.46 each beginning June 29.

10. Egglife Southwest Egg Wraps

Low-carb egg wraps are a simple way to add a little extra protein to your next meal. This new variety from the folks at Egglife adds garlic, cumin, onion, chile pepper and more seasonings to the egg-white wrap, so you'll get a little extra kick in each bite. You can substitute them for tortillas during your next taco night—they make a good option to have on hand for gluten-free pals—or even use them in a recipe like our 25-Minute Sweet Potato & Bean Enchiladas to punch up the flavor. Snag a pack of six wraps for $4.75 beginning June 29.