Pickle lovers, your time has come.
a jar of dill pickles and a Trader Joe's storefront
Credit: Getty Images / Bloomberg / vetas

Pickle season has arrived at Trader Joe's, and with it comes three new items that pickle-passionate folks will want to get their hands on. Whether you spend the summer making burgers, salads or veggie sandwiches, you'll find a delicious way to put these new tangy treats to good use. Read on for the full lineup of dill pickle-flavored items available in stores now.

Seasoning in a Pickle Seasoning Blend

The store's newest seasoning blend is packed with the bright, zingy flavors of a crisp dill pickle. The blend includes sea salt, onion, vinegar powder, sugar, garlic, dill and citric acid, so you've got the acidic summer flavor of pickles at your fingertips whenever the mood strikes. The crew over at TJ's suggests sprinkling some onto your burger patties before grilling or mixing some into plain Greek yogurt for a quick pickle dip.

We think it would be pretty tasty as a quick seasoning on air-fryer fries or as a flavor-boosting ingredient in your next batch of tuna salad. Whatever you choose to use it on, you might want to pair it up with our Dill-Pickle Pasta Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing for an especially zesty meal. Pick up a 2.3-ounce bottle for $2.49.

Dill Pickle Mini Falafel

You can find these vegan chickpea bites in the freezer section on your next grocery run. Pickle brine adds zest and moisture to each of these little bites, so you're getting a powerful punch of flavor in every morsel. Each 12-ounce bag contains about 40 mini falafel, making them a good size for everything from an appetizer tray to a grain bowl or pita wrap. Hunt down some dill pickle hummus on your next trip to the store for a super tangy pairing.

You could sub these little falafel bites into our falafel sandwiches, tabbouleh bowls or salad. And if you miss the crispness of the pickles, you could serve the falafel with tzatziki or a cucumber salad for a boost of freshness. Snag a bag for $3.99.

Dill Pickle Mustard

It's no secret that summer is a great time of year for veggie-packed sandwiches, and smearing a little dill pickle mustard on your next sammie is an easy way to level up the flavor. The experts over at Trader Joe's also suggest adding some of this sour condiment to your next batch of potato salad, deviled eggs or flavorful marinade. Vinegar, pickle pieces, garlic, paprika and dried dill weed add a tangy, herbaceous kick to this spread, so it's fun to have on hand for a summer spread.

Try using it as a little dip for pea pods or baby carrots for a quick snack, or squeeze a little bit onto some barbecue sandwiches to complement a sweet sauce. Pick up a 9-ounce jar for $1.99 on the condiment aisle.