10 Aldi Finds You'll Want to Have for Memorial Day Weekend

There’s something on this list for every kind of celebration.

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Memorial Day is coming up, which means the unofficial start of summer is upon us. Many folks will use the long weekend to get together with friends and family, enjoy a bite to eat and look forward to sunny days ahead. Whether you're planning to relax with a cold drink or entertain friends with a grilling extravaganza, Aldi has some summer items you'll want to get your hands on ASAP. From new summer seasoning blends to boozy, fruity popsicles, here are nine items that will help you create a delicious menu.

Stonemill 4-in-1 Grilling Seasoning

two bottles of Stonemill 4-in-1 Grilling Seasoning

Aldi is adding a flavor boost to your next grilling session with two new sets of summer-ready seasonings. The burger seasoning set includes classic backyard burger, luau-sweet onion burger, brewhouse Cheddar burger and jalapeño-bacon-ranch burger varieties, while the backyard barbecue set includes regional flavors like Kansas City sweet heat, Nashville hot chicken, Texas smoke shack and Carolina golden honey. Pick up a set for $4.19 to add something extra to your Memorial Day main dish.

Kirkwood Turkey Burgers

blue box of kirkwood turkey burgers

If you or a guest are trying to cut down on red meat, these preformed turkey burgers are an easy way to make sure the menu is accessible for everyone. Each pack of 12 burgers will cost you $7.29, and you can keep them in the freezer so you always have them conveniently on hand.

Specially Selected Everything Brioche Buns

pack of brioche burger buns with everything bagel seasoning on a platter

These fluffy, eggy burger buns will take your holiday weekend spread to the next level. Each of these brioche rolls is topped with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, salt, poppy seeds, garlic and onion. Pick up a pack of four buns for $2.99 to add something special to your burger selection.

Daily's Poptails

Daily’s Poptails

When things get a little too hot outside, cool everyone down with these booze-infused popsicles. Each box of 12 popsicles comes with a mixture of watermelon, green apple and strawberry flavors, so you can haul a crowd-friendly assortment out of the freezer whenever the mood strikes. Add a box to your grocery cart for $15.99.

Cattlemen's Ranch Black Angus Beef Patties

black and grey box of black angus beef burgers

Pick up a pack of these frozen burgers for super-quick grilling prep. These seasoned beef patties are available in roasted garlic and Vidalia onion varieties, so you know you're getting something that's jam-packed with flavor. Each box of six burgers is available for $8.49.

Amylu Chicken Sausage

Pack of four chicken sausage links on white background

Not everyone is a burger person, and that's OK. Toss some of these chicken sausages on the grill to make sure there's something for the hot dog and wurst lovers at your gathering. These antibiotic-free sausages are available in two flavors: caramelized onion with white Cheddar and red peppers or roasted corn with poblano, red pepper and Cheddar. Pick up a package of four sausage links for $5.89.

Zarita Margarita Wine Cocktail

pink bottle of watermelon margarita and yellow bottle of mango margarita cocktail

Coming in at 13.8% ABV, this ready-to-serve cocktail is the booziest of Aldi's summer drink lineup. Available in both watermelon and mango flavors, this drink is exactly the kind of convenient drink you'll want to have on hand for easy entertaining. Pick up a 10-serving bottle for $13.99.

Beyond Meat 8-Pack Cookout Classic

green box of beyond burgers

Your plant-based pals will appreciate being included in the cookout when you snag this pack of gluten- and soy-free veggie burgers. You can keep the pack in your freezer, so even if you're not plant-based yourself, you'll have them on hand for whenever an occasion arises. Pick up a pack for $15.38.

Pacific Fruit Vineyards Wine Seltzer Variety Pack

white box of hard seltzer

Pick up a pack of these seltzers to add some flavorful fizz to your cookout cooler. The variety pack of 12 cans comes with pineapple, strawberry, black cherry and peach flavors, so everyone on your guest list can find the perfect flavor. Snag a pack for $17.99 on your next Aldi trip.

Fremont Fish Market Marinated Butterfly Shrimp

bag of adobo-seasoned shrimp

These frozen packs of raw shrimp come in three marinade options—adobo, tandoori and garlic-herb. They're perfect for quickly tossing onto the grill for a pescatarian option. Pair them with some grilled veggies, like this Grilled Zucchini & Squash, for a light and fresh dinner in minutes. Each 12-ounce bag costs just $6.49 and includes three servings of butterflied, tail-on shrimp.

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