Learn how to cut a fennel bulb for use in salads, soups and more.
fennel bulbs
Credit: Helen Norman

Crisp, green and feathery, fennel is a healthy vegetable that adds flavor to any dish. The aromatic vegetable has a subtle sweetness and licorice-like flavor, and can be enjoyed in a raw or cooked state. Plus, the entire plant is edible, so nothing goes to waste. To make the most of the vegetable, learn how to cut a fennel bulb properly with these step-by-step photos.

How to Cut Fennel

chopping the green from the fennel bulb
Credit: Helen Norman

Step 1

Cut off the stalks and fronds on top of the bulb, retaining the fronds for garnish, if desired.

cutting the base off fennel bulb
Credit: Helen Norman

Step 2

Cut ½ inch off the root end on the bottom of the bulb.

cutting fennel overhead
Credit: Helen Norman

Step 3

Cut the bulb in half lengthwise, from stalk end to root end, then cut those two pieces in half again, lengthwise.

cutting a slice of fennel
Credit: Helen Norman

Step 4

Cut out the core from each of the quarters.

slicing fennel
Credit: Helen Norman

Step 5

Slice or chop as desired.

Once you have your cut fennel, the possibilities are endless. Try it in recipes like One-Skillet Salmon with Fennel & Sun-Dried Tomato Couscous or Arugula & Fennel Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette. Or, if you're not ready to enjoy it yet, learn how to store fennel for future use.