This colorful romesco board is inspired by the Mediterranean region, and is perfect for summer entertaining.
Gail Simmons and a board of food and Genova Premium Tuna
Credit: Genova Premium Tuna

From serving as a judge on Top Chef to writing her cookbook Bringing it Home, it's safe to say that Gail Simmons knows a thing or two about food. EatingWell recently caught up with Simmons to learn about her partnership with Genova Premium Tuna—and when she called a recipe the "perfect summer meal," we were all ears (and stomachs). Here's the scoop on Simmons' seasonal recipe, perfect for entertaining.

Simmons' Genova Tuna Romesco Board is a colorful, veggie-packed meal. The star of the board is romesco, a traditional Spanish sauce made from almonds, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and bread (although Simmons' version skips the bread) that's thick enough for dipping. "It's so savory and delicious and tastes even better the day after when the flavors have mingled together," she says. Not only is it delicious, but it's easy to make, too, as everything comes together in a blender. It's also packed with healthy ingredients like almonds and olive oil, whose respective phytochemicals and oleic acid have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

board with Genova tuna
Credit: Genova Premium Tuna

Romesco is often paired with seafood, and here, Simmons spoons chunks of Genova Yellowfin Tuna, which she calls, "a high-quality ingredient," over the dip (but you can also serve it on the side for guests who don't eat fish). Canned tuna is a great lean protein, and it offers plenty of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help keep your heart and brain healthy. To fill out the rest of the board, Simmons adds plenty of veggies, including grilled spring onions and zucchini, marinated artichokes and raw radishes for crunch. Other ingredients like almonds, olives and manchego cheese complete the board for a stunning meal you'll want to graze on all summer long.

Simmons, who lived in Spain for a year, says she drew inspiration from the Mediterranean way of life "where the focus is on cooking fresh food every day, but keeping it really simple and then using some trusted shortcuts." The tuna romesco board is a perfect combination of fresh vegetables and handy pantry staples, and it's easy to see why Simmons relies on this "go-to" recipe for both dinner parties and nights when she doesn't feel like cooking a lot.

This board is ideal for summer gatherings and lets everyone pick and choose their favorite ingredients to pair with the romesco. Whether you serve it as the main meal or dish it up as an appetizer, get the Genova Tuna Romesco Board recipe here—you'll quickly understand why Simmons calls it a "simple, perfect summer meal."