Diane Keaton Just Shared Some of Her Go-To Snacks on Instagram—Including Some Healthy Favorites We Love

Keaton is noshing on everything from refried beans to chocolate-covered toffee.

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Diane Keaton never goes out of style, as TikTok's latest obsession with her on-screen fashion proves. And if you've been wondering what Keaton is up to lately—other than shooting roles in plenty of fun romantic comedies—then you clearly haven't been paying attention to Keaton's Instagram feed. For the past couple of months, Keaton has been giving little sneak peeks into her California home, from a closet full of her signature looks to her well-stocked wine fridge.

In her most recent mini home tour, Keaton took Instagram followers into her kitchen pantry for a rundown of her favorite snacks, from healthy staples to favorite sweet treats. So the next time you want to channel your inner Diane for a cathartic cry or a powerful monologue, you can get into character with all of the actress's favorite eats.

"My favorite kind of candy is called toasted coconut hard toffee," Keaton says at the start of the video. She's referring to Chimes Toasted Coconut Hard Toffee (buy it: $6 for 3.5 ounces, Amazon), which sounds pretty tasty. When Keaton needs a little kick of chocolate, however, she turns to See's Toffee-ettes. (If you don't want to shell out $27 to try a tin, you might want to keep an eye out for Trader Joe's English Toffee with Milk Chocolate, which is a cheaper dupe you can even buy in smaller quantities.)

Like so many of us, Keaton valiantly keeps some healthy stuff in her pantry that she knows she doesn't like all that much. In the video, Keaton picks up a tub of oatmeal packets before revealing her truth: she doesn't like oatmeal. While oatmeal might be our breakfast of choice, there's no need to force yourself to eat healthy foods you don't love. Other breakfast staples, like eggs and cereal, can also be budget-friendly, healthy ways to kick off your day.

But while Keaton may not be a fan of our favorite breakfast food, she's all about one of our favorite snacks: popcorn. Keaton keeps her pantry well-stocked with Quinn microwave popcorn, specifically the aged parmesan and Vermont maple kettle corn varieties—that way there's something on hand for when you want a sweet or savory bite.

And for some sweetness without lots of added sugar, Keaton leans on a classic packable snack—raisins. "Raisins are good for you, and they smell great," says Keaton. We love keeping dried fruit—including the homemade kind—on hand for a quick snack. Keaton keeps little boxes of Sun-Maid California raisins in her pantry for just that reason, and you can pick up a pack of six for $2 at your local grocery store or on Amazon.

Nuts are another trail mix staple that Keaton loves to keep handy. "This is my favorite nut in the world," Keaton says of her almonds. "They're salty. There's nothing like it." It looks like she's keeping salted Blue Diamond almonds on hand, but you might be able to get a better deal by snagging some almonds from the bulk bin during your next grocery run. And if you love the salty taste but want to trim down your sodium content, you could always salt them yourself with an amount you feel comfortable with.

"This one I don't like as much, but it's probably healthier for you," Keaton jokes about the giant tub of walnuts on her shelf. "Most of us are not eating enough nuts. They're good for you." She's definitely right about nuts being a healthy snack—nuts pack in plant-based protein and can even help protect your heart health and reduce inflammation. And both almonds and walnuts make our list of the healthiest nuts to keep on hand.

And snacking on nuts isn't the only way Keaton gets in some legumes—she's also a fan of Laura Scudder's old-fashioned peanut butter, which she calls "a classic." On the shelf with Keaton's collection of peanut butter, canned beans, pickles and tinned fish is another sweet tooth favorite of Keaton's—Rare Hawaiian Organic White Kiawe Honey, which you can find in specialty stores and online. "I always eat my honey with a spoon," Keaton says. "It's so delicious, and I like this pure Hawaiian. " Plus, honey is a sweet way to get in beneficial vitamins and minerals.

"This is life," Keaton says in the video, brandishing a box of Nespresso pods. "You've gotta have this, every morning, every night." Caffeine is clearly important to Keaton—she also has a fishbowl full of Lipton green tea bags in the pantry. Both green tea and coffee have their fair share of health benefits, including boosting your mood and helping you manage your diabetes risk. Keaton also points out a few bottles of her alcoholic drink of choice, Lillet Blanc, in the video. (She's shared on Instagram before that her go-to cocktail has just two ingredients: Lillet Blanc and a big wedge of lemon.)

"I wish you all the best," Keaton says in her sign-off. "If you want to come over and have a nice snack with me, give me a ring." As soon as we get our hands on her phone number, we'll be making ourselves an appointment at Chez Keaton.

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