They're more than 80% less expensive than the originals!
A grid of two colors of the new Aldi Pan
Credit: Aldi

By now, you're probably well-acquainted with the Our Place Always Pan. Our editors have been obsessed with it—and we find ourselves using it, well, always—since it took over Instagram and TikTok in 2021.

We're also huge fans of other nonstick ceramic cookware brands, including Caraway, whose products are remarkably photogenic and available in wider varieties of shapes than Our Place (including muffin pans, loaf pans, sauté pans and more). We've had our eyes on a full set of Caraway beauties for months.

The only reason we haven't made the leap to upgrade our baking and cooking essentials yet is the price. The 11-piece Bakeware Set and 7-piece Cookware Set both retail for $545 each, so investing in both is a worth-it but hefty $1,090.

Luckily, just as they did for the Our Place pan, Aldi is preparing to launch a couple of look-alike products to Caraway's fan favorites. Coming to an Aldi near you on May 11—and available via Instacart while supplies last, according to a brand representative—Aldi's Caraway dupes clock in at 80% to 85% cheaper than the originals.

  • Fry Pan ($95) vs. Aldi's Crofton Fry Pan ($14.99)
  • Sauté Pan ($145) vs. Aldi's Crofton Sauté Pan with Lid ($27.99)

Just like the Caraway competition, the Aldi pans feature nontoxic, nonstick interiors. They're made without PFAS (chemicals used in some pan formulations that have been shown to be potentially harmful to human health) and work on gas, electric and ceramic cooktops.

Aldi's renditions come in two colors, ivory with silver handles and green with gold handles.

Caraway's sets are available in more colors (nine for the cookware and five for the bakeware), so if you have your heart set on a different hue or true ceramic surface, you'll want to stick with Caraway. Sales are frequent, however, so even if you do decide to splurge, you can often save around $300 for the two sets. You can also buy single pieces to round out your collection as desired, or mix-and-match with the Aldi alternatives.

It's tough to beat Aldi's prices, plus you can snag them while you're there stocking up on these 20 $10 Aldi items you'll want to buy forever. The choice is yours!