Aldi Is Launching New Fruity Wines and Seltzers for Summer—and They Start at $4

The store is also bringing back some favorites from last summer!

Aldi Pearsecco cans sitting on a pears in a produce isle
Photo: Aldi

Aldi has a new challenge for its customers this summer—ditch your usual host gift and surprise your pals with a fruit basket full of citrus, berries and summery booze. This year's lineup of summer wines and seltzers highlights the full range of summer fruits, from watermelon and strawberry to peach and pineapple, so you can fill your cooler with refreshing drinks all season.

The collection launched April 22 and includes a little something for everyone, from boxed wine that you can transform into a quick frozen cocktail to seltzers and hard teas you can bring along to a day at the beach. And if you're already in love with a summer Aldi product, have no fear—there's a chance your favorite drink is coming back for seasonal sipping. The store is bringing back its fan-favorite peach wine seltzer, sweet watermelon and mango wines, coconut white wine, pineapple and pomegranate mimosas and canned pear prosecco. Read on to find out what's new in the Aldi beverage aisle this month.

Giambellino Raspberry Bellini

red bottle of premade rapsberry bellini with white label and silver foil

This sweet and fizzy refreshment is available for just $6 this summer, making it an affordable addition to any summer dessert spread or brunch menu.

Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Strawberry Wine

red bottle of strawberry wine with beige label

This wine, available for $4, is another one on the sweeter side. If you're serving folks who might want to cut the sweetness, consider serving this wine—or the raspberry bellini—with lime wedges or juice to balance it out.

Pacific Fruit Vineyards Wine Seltzer Variety Pack

white box of hard seltzer

Seltzer lovers will want to get their hands on a pack of these deliciously fizzy drinks. Each pack of 12 cans costs $18, and you'll have your pick of pineapple, strawberry, black cherry and peach flavors. The seltzers come in at 5% ABV for a breezy drink you can sip on a lazy day by the pool.

Utopian Breeze Peach or Mixed Berry Moscato

pink box of peach moscato and blue box of mixed berry moscato

This little box of wine may be compact, but it actually contains four bottles of moscato. Pick up a box for $11 and enjoy it chilled or use it in a fun frozen cocktail for a refreshing treat. The folks at Aldi recommend blending the peach moscato with frozen pineapple and mango, then garnishing with a peach slice for a blended drink that will impress all of your pals.

Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Iced Tea

golden cans of hard tea seltxer in a glass bowl filled with ice

If you're always stuck between choosing a hard tea or a hard seltzer at the cookout, this could be the perfect beverage for you. Snag a variety pack of peach, raspberry and strawberry teas for $11.49 and bring them along to your next shindig—you can even turn them into a quick cocktail by muddling berries in the bottom of a glass, adding some ice and topping it all off with the tea seltzer of your choice.

Zarita Watermelon or Mango Margarita

pink bottle of watermelon margarita and yellow bottle of mango margarita cocktail

This premixed wine cocktail is the booziest of Aldi's new additions, coming in at 13.9% ABV. Serve it over ice in your favorite glasses for a festive night in. Each bottle contains 10 servings for $14, which means you might even save a couple bucks on this Rancho La Gloria dupe.

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