Maybe celebrities really *are* just like us.
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With spring cleaning season upon us, it's time to take a look into the depths of our pantries and get things in tip-top shape. We could look to plenty of places for inspiration, from #CleanTok videos to Marie Kondo and the Home Edit—but why bother dreaming big when we could go right to the fount of no-fuss kitchen wisdom herself: Ina Garten.

Ina Garten on a designed background
Credit: Getty Images / NBC NewsWire

You can count on Ina whenever you need a dose of comfort food or a kitchen shortcut—we're talking about a pro who puts her knives in the dishwasher, folks. It follows  that her spring cleaning kitchen guidance would be simple, budget-friendly and, best of all, actually replicable in your own home.

"Every year, I organize my pantry and weed out old oils and baking powder," Garten shared on Instagram. "This year, I got clear plastic containers for all those messy chocolate chip and dried bean packages. It's easier to see what I already have when I'm making a grocery list!"

Garten also shared some images of her newly organized pantry, and we love that she got a tidy look without using the popular "decanting" method that has taken over social media—there's no need to create extra waste by buying containers for things that come in containers. As Jessica Ball, M.S., RD, our associate nutrition digital editor, shared back in September, your protein powder and flour can be stored in the containers they came in—no need to make it complicated.

"You're going to put @thehomeedit out of business, queen," one person joked in the comments. Others responded with their agreement, calling Ina's take on spring cleaning "way more relatable and achievable." 

What Garten did spend money on—simple clear bins and restocking some staples—are helpful and pretty budget-friendly. You could snag a pack of four bins from Amazon for $40, then pile in the loose bags of beans, rice, lentils and baking chips into containers that will keep them upright and ready for action. 

"I also like big white crocks with utensils on the counter so they're easy to reach—all the white and wood utensils in one and stainless steel in the other," Garten added. "And some pretty lemons and limes on the counter not only make the kitchen feel good but you get more juice from room temperature citrus. It's very satisfying to have an organized pantry!" We couldn't agree more—the post-spring cleaning high always feels good. 

Fans—even the pretty famous ones—rolled into the comments to praise her relaxed take on organizing. Even kitchen design queen Nancy Meyers popped in with a "❤️ !" And others were excited to see that Ina keeps a lot of the same brands on hand that they do, from Wondra flour (which she uses in her chicken potpie soup) to Top Ramen.

"I spy Top Ramen," one person commented. "You're human like the rest of us! Love it!" To enjoy ramen Ina-style, turn it into her Ramen Chicken Noodle Soup—just be sure to serve it up with one of Garten's signature cocktails for a true