Her picks for a breezy spring table start at just $4.
Joanna Gaines on a designed background
Credit: Getty Images / Roy Rochlin

Just in time for Easter, Joanna Gaines has shared some serving tips and menu inspiration for the perfect spring brunch, from flavor-packed deviled eggs to a fresh spring salad. Now we just have to find a way to work in some of our favorite Aldi finds.

"Get into a spring state of mind with an outdoor brunch," Gaines suggests in a short tablescaping video from Target. "Layer your table with pieces that reflect nature and recipes that celebrate the fresh flavors of the season."

In the video, Gaines sets a table lined with this pale blue tablecloth with glass, wooden and ceramic pieces, including this wood egg tray that would be perfect for your Easter table. You can find the full rundown of what was on Jo's table on Target's website. The centerpiece was this sleek stoneware serving bowl full of a fresh and seasonal salad—which we at EatingWell find pretty hard to resist. (The bowl is also available in light blue if you'd prefer a little more color on the table.) Gaines also includes some fresh mint in her drinks and herbs on the table for some fragrant greenery.

Her brunch menu centers around a basket of fluffy biscuits with jam and three different compound butters—two of them seem to be Gaines' signature strawberry and lemon butters from her Magnolia Table cookbook, andyou can get the recipes on her website. It also seems likely that the tall biscuits on the table are her Jojo's Biscuits recipe, but you could swap in our healthy Angel Biscuits recipe in a pinch. 

Joanna also serves up some deviled eggs topped with crispy bacon and fresh dill—which look exactly like the deviled eggs Gaines shared with Oprah.com as her go-to potluck dish. Yogurt cups full of a berry parfait with figs, pumpkin seeds and honeycomb also make a pretty appearance on the table. To bring lots of flavor and color to your next parfait-making adventure, use something like our Blueberry Compote or Easy Fig Jam for a pop of fruit flavor that can give you a pretty layering effect in glass trifle cups.

The pièce de résistance of this brunch is a huge bowl of green salad with pecans, crumbled white Cheddar cheese and thinly sliced radishes. It looks like it could be Gaines' Apple Cider Salad, another from her Magnolia Table cookbook. While the recipe isn't available online, you could swap in a recipe like our Big Beautiful Summer Salad, or follow along with one adorable kid chef who whipped up Gaines' recipe on Youtube.

This menu has us feeling pretty inspired, and we can't wait to recreate the spread—and the look—for ourselves. As Gaines says, it's "perfect for enjoying time with family and friends," and we couldn't agree more.