8 Aldi Finds Coming to Stores Just in Time for Easter

From quiche and lamb to super-affordable Easter basket stuffers.

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While Aldi may be closed on Easter Sunday, you've still got plenty of time to scoop up some festive goodies for your egg hunt, holiday dinner or Sunday brunch. We've rounded up some of the March and April Aldi finds to keep an eye out for as you shop the aisles.

Whether you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth—maybe even something bunny-shaped?—or a simple main dish that will stun your dinner guests, there's a delish pick for you. Read on for the eight finds we'll be looking for before Easter arrives.

8 Aldi Finds Coming to Stores for Easter

Choceur Premium Chocolate Easter Bunny

This copycat version of the classic Lindt chocolate bunny comes wrapped in similarly glamorous gold foil—but you can pick one up for just $2.69. This 4.2-ounce bunny is definitely a sweet treat, and it even comes with a little bow and charm around its neck. It would definitely be the star of the show in any basket.

Choceur Chocolate Dip Eggs

Here's another fun copycat treat you can gift to friends or family. These Cadbury-esque filled eggs come with a little spoon for digging out every last bite of the flavorful cream filling—or you could just bite into the egg for a mix of textures. Each carton of four filled eggs costs $2.99 and is available in stores now.

Create-A-Treat Easter Eggs Cookie Kit

If you're not feeling excited about dyeing eggs this year—or if you're on the hunt for more kid-friendly Easter projects—this cookie decorating kit is the way to go. The kit includes eight egg-shaped cookies, already baked and imprinted with a traceable design that especially finicky decorators can use to make a perfect cookie, plus sprinkles and bags of colorful icing. All of the cookies and decorating materials were made in a nut-free facility, so everyone can get in on the fun. Pick up a package for $4.99.

Emporium Selection Easter Cheeses

If you're planning on a cheeseboard for Easter weekend, these egg- and chick-shaped cheeses will make an adorable addition. Snag the aged English cheddar for a sharp but creamy selection, or pick the Wensleydale cheese with raspberry and white chocolate for a sweet and savory bite. Aldi is also offering a Wensleydale with lemon and honey, so you could snag both sweet cheeses and whip up a fruit and cheese platter for dessert. Each 5.3-ounce cheese costs $3.99 and is available beginning April 6.

Specially Selected Spring Macarons

Here's another simple but glamorous treat for your Easter dessert spread. This pack of 12 macarons includes blueberry, raspberry, blood orange, coconut, pistachio and lemon flavors, so everyone can find the flavor they'll love best. Each box costs just $4.59, so grab one or two and make them the colorful finale of your Easter meal. The macarons are available starting April 6.

Reggano Easter Shaped Pasta

Use this pasta in a simple noodle soup for an easy Easter meal that still feels fun and festive, or pair your main dish with macaroni and cheese or a light pasta salad with these goofy shapes swapped in. Everyone will be combing through their dinner to see what all they got in their portion, whether it's bunny, carrot, bell, egg or hatching chick. Each 17.6-ounce bag costs $1.99, and since a serving of pasta is just two ounces, you'll have plenty to go around. Pick up some of this seasonal ingredient beginning April 6.

La Terra Fina Quiche

Sure, you could make a classic quiche lorraine or a springy spinach & mushroom quiche yourself, but this heat-and-eat option from La Terra Fina is pretty tempting for an easy Easter brunch. Aldi will offer these five-serving egg white quiches in two varieties: broccoli-cheddar and classic lorraine (or bacon-swiss). Both are made with cage-free eggs and available starting April 6 for $8.99—just pop it in the oven or slice it up and microwave to serve.

Never Any! Butterflied Lamb Leg

Arriving April 13, just in time for the holiday weekend, this butterflied lamb leg is available unseasoned or with rosemary-garlic seasoning. It comes from Never Any!, the same brand that Aldi uses for its Thanksgiving turkeys, so you know you have a vegetarian-fed cut of meat raised with no added hormones or antibiotics. While the packaging boasts that this leg of lamb is great for the grill, you can also sear it on the stovetop and bake it for about 20 minutes for a quick indoor meal. Choose the perfect size for you at $7.99 per pound.

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