This attachment will keep you cool all summer long.
KitchenAid Shave Ice Attachment
Credit: Williams-Sonoma

If you have a KitchenAid stand mixer on your counter, you probably already know that the brand's wide range of mixer attachments can bring even more possibilities into your kitchen, from making pasta to grinding meat. As spring arrives and the weather gets warmer, KitchenAid is adding yet another attachment to its lineup: an ice shaver.

Williams-Sonoma shared a video on Instagram to walk you through the attachment process, which includes using a special ice mold (included in your purchase) to freeze whatever liquid you want to use, like water, juice, coffee or milk. Once your liquid of choice is frozen, pop it into the bottom of the attachment, screw it in and watch as the fluffy pieces of shaved ice fall down into your cup. 

The attachment is compatible with all stand mixers and comes with four ice cube molds, a fine shaving blade and a coarse shaving blade—any of the pieces that come in contact with food are dishwasher-safe. The attachment can make more than a pint of shaved ice in 60 seconds, so you can make a couple quarts of frosty shaved ice in just four minutes. 

The Williams-Sonoma video gives us plenty of cool ideas, from classic syrup-topped shaved ice to cocktails and coffee drinks. You could swap the crushed ice for shaved ice in our Fresh Mint Mojito Cocktail for a restaurant-quality frozen cocktail that only took you a minute to make. Or on mornings when it's too sunny to sip a piping hot cup of java, use the attachment to make shaved frozen coffee.

No matter how you put this attachment to use, you'll be glad you have it on hand when the weather gets hot and muggy. Pick a KitchenAid Shave Ice Attachment up from Williams- Sonoma for $100 and give it a test drive on a warm spring day.