Nearly 4 Million Bottles of Airborne Gummies Recalled Nationwide

Reckitt, the company who owns Airborne, has recalled millions of bottles due to consumer complaints.

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Photo: Consumer Product Safety Commission

While stocking up on Airborne may seem like a wise choice for immune defense—especially this time of year may—it actually may pose a safety threat to whomever first opens a bottle in your family. Reckitt, the company who owns Airborne, issued a voluntary recall this week on 3.74 million bottles of Airborne Gummies due to consumer complaints of injury hazards.

The company issued this recall after receiving 70 reports of the cap or seal popping off the bottles upon first opening. This safety risk is due to a pressure build-up in the bottles that, when released for the first time, could cause harm if a consumer is opening close to their face. Eighteen of the 70 complaints were minor injury reports, one of them being an eye injury that required medical attention.

The Airborne Gummies varieties under recall are: Assorted Fruit, Orange, Kids and Blueberry Pomegranate in 63- and 75-count bottles, including the bundle packs of 63-count bottles. These recalled items were sold at retailers nationwide such as Target, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart and Walgreens and should not be opened. However, the company says that if you have already opened a bottle that fits this description, the product inside is safe for consumption.

Consumers who are concerned they may have one of these products can locate the SKU listed at the bottom of the bottle and see if they match one of the recalled products on the brand's list. Consumers with one of these recalled products can call Reckitt's Recall Hotline at 1-888-266-8003 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST for a full refund.

All this being said, you don't need a supplement such as these to get immune-supporting benefits. While no single food or supplement can totally prevent you from getting sick, eating more foods rich in protein, zinc and vitamins A, C, D and E can help support your immune system so it stays strong and healthy.

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