We can't wait to try this new springtime flavor!
A laCroix can on a pink background
Credit: LaCroix

Sparkling water fans, rejoice! LaCroix's newest flavor, Cherry Blossom, is rolling out to major grocery store shelves nationwide. The sparkling water is available now, just in time for Washington D.C.'s iconic Yoshino cherry blossom trees to reach peak bloom. A company spokesperson for LaCroix describes the new flavor as "a botantical twist of sweet" with "just a 'kiss' of tart," and we can't wait to get our hands on a pack as soon as it arrives in stores near us.

"For centuries, the cherry blossom has represented freshness, splendor and delicate beauty," said a company spokesperson for LaCroix in a media release. "The flavor of LaCroix Cherry Blossom uniquely 'blooms' with the bliss, fragrance and calming essence of this brilliant flower. We developed the distinctive taste and stunning packaging of Cherry Blossom to convey the dazzling taste of spring."

This beautiful little can is just the thing to brighten up your office desk as you return to a hybrid work schedule, and it also makes a fun surprise in a lunchbox for any age. We can't wait to start mixing it up in festive, seasonal cocktails—and mocktails. We bet LaCroix Cherry Blossom would be delicious in our alcohol-free Raspberry Spritzer as well as in our ultra-refreshing Berry Bubbly Vodka Soda. It's also an easy way to jazz up your favorite drinks (and meet your daily hydration goals!) without added sugars. Kids may also love it mixed with a little tart cherry juice, if not on its own.

While it's still rolling out to retailers across the country, LaCroix Cherry Blossom can currently be found at select Whole Foods Markets, CVS Pharmacies, Targets, along with other major grocery and convenience store destinations. It will also be available for purchase via LaCroix's online store soon. Thankfully, there are 17 other LaCroix flavors to sip on while we wait for the arrival of spring and LaCroix Cherry Blossom.