Spruce up your space with these affordable buys.
aldi sign with the sky in the background
Credit: Adobe Stock / Jackie Davies

As spring cleaning season approaches, we can't help but take note of the little kitchen improvement projects we see on Instagram—especially if they're Aldi-endorsed. While you might just associate the affordable grocer with seasonal buys and a spate of engagement photos, they also offer some home appliances and kitchen gear, including some Aldi finds that will especially appeal to coffee lovers

In this week's Aldi ad, the store has collected a few items they suggest for curating a coffee corner in your kitchen. The lineup includes a coffee maker, some new coffee-scented candles, glass coffee mugs and espresso cups, stoneware canisters, a French press, glass bowls with wooden lids, decorative signs and an electric kettle.

The single-serve coffee maker is the most expensive item at just $35, and since it comes in three sleek colors, you're bound to find a model that works for your kitchen. The maker works with Keurig brewing cups, but it also comes with a reusable filter so you can use whatever ground coffee you love most in the machine. (You could even dole it out from this classic stone coffee canister, which comes with an attached wooden scoop for portioning ease.)

If you prefer to make a few cups at a time, you could give the 8-cup Crofton glass French press a try for just $10. Like some of the other items in Aldi's new collection of java-ready accessories, the French press has a caramel-colored wooden lid that would look right at home with the canisters, candles or glass bowl set. 

The store's new coffee corner signs sport goofy catchphrases that fans of caffeine might find a little *too* relatable. "Some people rise and shine," one sign reads. "I caffeinate and hope for the best." Each of the four signs retails for $10, and the Aldi website suggests pairing up the chalkboard-style art with some Rae Dunn-style mugs and utensils for the farmhouse look. 

But if you prefer something simpler, you might opt for the new Crofton glass mugs, available in two sizes, for a clean look. You can pick up a pack of two glass coffee mugs or four espresso cups for $12 while supplies last. The espresso cups have a capacity of 3.5 ounces, making them perfect for a morning double shot, while the mugs can hold 14 ounces—you could definitely serve up a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Spiced Vanilla Latte in one of those.

And if the coffee vibes don't appeal to you on your next Aldi trip, keep your eyes peeled for the copycat Le Creuset stockpot we noticed in the brand's Sneak Peek flier—the 12-quart enameled pot is a steal at $27.