Fans Say They're "Obsessed" with Ree Drummond's Lemony Caprese Avocado Toast

Lemon, tomatoes, cheese and avocado? This toast checks every box.

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It might not be summer quite yet, but as the weather slowly warms up, we've been dreaming of all the caprese salads, sandwiches and appetizers we want to make. There's something about that classic combination of fragrant basil, juicy tomato and tender mozzarella that sounds pretty delicious all year long—so it's no wonder we're obsessed with Ree Drummond's Caprese Avocado Toast recipe.

Drummond made the recipe in an episode of her show The Pioneer Woman titled "Too Tired to Cook," so you know it's exactly the kind of low-effort affair you can whip up at the end of a long day. Ingredients like cherry tomatoes, mozzarella salad and jarred pesto mean you won't even have to chop up lots of ingredients for this 10-minute meal.

For an especially decadent take, Drummond toasts her sourdough bread slices in a cast-iron skillet with butter for lots of flavor and crunch. If you wanted to dial back the butter, you could swap it for a little olive oil and still get a nice grilled bread flavor, or just haul out the toaster and your favorite whole-grain bread for a quicker approach.

To make this meal for two, you'll need two slices of toast, a cup of halved cherry tomatoes, a cup of mozzarella pearls, some jarred pesto, olive oil, a lemon, an avocado, red pepper flakes and balsamic glaze—which you can make at home if you have balsamic vinegar and a little brown sugar, per this recipe from Allrecipes. Before you get started, you'll want to use a zester or grater (like this $15 Microplane) to zest the lemon.

In a bowl, simply combine the tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, and olive oil with a little salt and pepper, plus the juice of half the lemon. Let that mixture marinate while you peel and smash your avocado with the lemon zest, remaining lemon juice, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Spread the avocado mixture evenly over the two toast slices, then pile on the tomato and mozzarella mixture. ("Holy mozzarella," Drummond said of the mountain of cheese and tomato on her plate.) Finish it all off with a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a little sweetness, and, if you're feeling as fancy as the Pioneer Woman herself, add some edible flowers for a glamorous touch.

"YUM!!!!!!," one recipe commenter wrote. "Made for dinner tonight as we saw it on the show this morning. My husband even loved it... So much flavor." Instagram commenters chimed in to say they're "obsessed" with this "delicious" recipe. While it would make an easy dinner, this versatile dish could easily show up on our brunch or lunch menu—after all, avocado toast is always appropriate.

This recipe is packed with deliciously healthy ingredients, like heart-healthy avocado, olive oil and tomatoes. And swapping the sourdough for Whole-Wheat Sourdough Bread means you can get in complex carbs, which take longer to digest and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. But no matter which ingredients you keep or fiddle with, you're sure to end up with something fresh and delicious.

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