This simple "ice cream" recipe is healthy enough to eat for breakfast.
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overhead shot of two white bowls filled with scoops of strawberry nice cream
Credit: Jennifer Causey

Roshini Raj, M.D., a gastroenterologist for NYU Langone Health in NYC, is so passionate about gut health she literally wrote a book on it: Gut Renovation.

This newly released book highlights her personal experiences shifting her lifestyle in more microbiome-mindful ways and discusses the connection between gut health and healthy aging. (Or lack thereof.) In case you missed it, a May 2021 study in Nature Metabolism found that older adults who had more diverse gut bacteria were generally healthier and lived longer than peers with less vibrant microbiomes.

"With one in four Americans suffering from digestive health issues every day, gut health has become an increasingly important part of wellness. With the human body, so many issues can be improved upon, or cured, by balancing the microbiome," Dr. Raj explains in her book. Research bears this out: Everything from aging and anxiety to weight and heart health have been shown to be correlated to gut health. "But the microbiome—a community of bacteria, viruses and yeasts that dwell in the body—has long been something that the average person can find baffling—and maybe a little bit gross."

But when you think about all of the delicious things you can eat as part of a microbiome-friendly menu, it's not gross at all. As Dr. Raj explained on Monday's Rachael Ray Show, one of the three best foods to "renovate your gut health" is actually ice cream. Yes, really—if you DIY!

According to Dr. Raj, "A key goal for gut health is increasing your intake of fruits and veggies to at least five (preferably more) half-cup servings a day," she tells Ray. "A convenient and cost-effective way to do that is to stock up on frozen fruits and veggies, which are just as high in nutrients as fresh produce."

For this homemade "ice cream," Dr. Raj combines that fiber-rich fruit with probiotic-strong yogurt for one ultra-easy, four-ingredient dessert. Add those two ingredients plus a drizzle of honey and a splash of vanilla extract to a food processor or strong blender, give 'em a whirl for about 5 minutes, or until smooth and creamy, then grab a spoon. (You can also make this ahead and pop it in the freezer to enjoy later.)

Ray says in the video, "It comes out like delicious ice cream. Amazing!" You're now just 5 minutes and four ingredients away from a treat that's healthy enough to eat as part of any of the three meals of the day. How incredible would a scoop be atop a serving of one-pan baked oatmeal or baked quinoa oatmeal?

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