This 4-Ingredient Blood Orange Negroni Recipe Is the Perfect Way to Celebrate Citrus Season

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A glass full of a Classic Negroni with Blood Orange Garnish on a white surface
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Blood oranges, with their pretty orange peels and striking ruby red interior, might just be the citrus fruit of the moment. You can pick up blood orange-flavored products like cake mix and herbal tea at Trader Joe's, and you can scoop up blood oranges at your grocery store or online from retailers like Melissa's Produce while they're in season. (Melissa's lists the orange's seasonality as running from December to June.)

And now Williams Sonoma has entered the ring with a simple, refreshing Negroni recipe that's perfect for spring sipping. While a Negroni is traditionally made with equal parts gin, Campari and vermouth—see our classic recipe for exact measurements—this recipe adds two blood orange slices for a fruity twist. The recipe also recommends swapping the gin with Prosecco or tonic water for bubbles, if you want—this swap will also bring down the strength of the drink, if that's what you prefer.

It was love at first sight for commenters laying eyes on this recipe—plenty of Williams Sonoma shoppers chimed in to say they'd be trying out this drink in the spring and summer, while another person suggested adding in some Spindrift soda for extra flavor and fizz.

To mimic the Williams Sonoma recipe, simply add two ounces each of Campari, sweet vermouth and London dry gin (or a fizzy alternative) to a small tumbler with ice and stir to combine. Drop in your two blood orange slices and kick back with your drink. If you have lots of blood oranges on hand, you could always turn them into a batch of our Blood Orange Syrup and spike your cocktail with a dose of syrup for even more flavor.

For a different citrusy twist on the Negroni, you could try this recipe for a Boulevardier, which swaps the gin for bourbon or rye whiskey and adds orange bitters to the mix. You could also try our Blood Orange Margarita or Blood Orange, Gin & Prosecco Cocktail for a different boozy take on this delicious citrus.

In any case, pair your drink with a tasty dish like our Brûléed Blood Oranges with Yogurt & Cardamom or Blood Oranges with Almond Syrup for a tart-sweet end to the day. Since oranges will help you get in some vitamin C and fiber, picking up some extra blood oranges to snack on during the week is a great idea. (They'll even help you support your immune system!)

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