This TikTok Baked "Oatmeal" Uses 2 Surprising, High-Protein Ingredients

Just when we thought we couldn't love the baked oatmeal trend even more…

Breakfast Quinoa Oatmeal with a yellow boarder
Photo: Feel Good Foodie

It's been just over a year since baked oats initially began to take over TikTok, yet we still can't quit them.

Sure, some social media food trends come and go quickly (we're looking at you, messy spaghetti table and fussy mini pancake cereal). But others gladly stick around due to their *actual* feasibility as an everyday meal—and their versatility to be remixed a million ways.

The original baked oats recipe features our on-staff dietitian's pick for #1 breakfast food—dry oats—so we have generally focused on switching things up with mix-ins and toppings like classic bananas, raisins and walnuts, tropical pineapple and coconut and even celebratory rainbow sprinkles for the full funfetti treatment.

But one of our favorite healthy recipe TikTok creators/bloggers Yumna Jawad (AKA @feelgoodfoodie) has us feeling inspired to make a simple ingredient swap every so often to pump up the protein.

"Someone asked me if it was possible to make the one-pan oatmeal without oats," Jawad says, referring to fan comments related to her easy one-pan baked oatmeal that's jam-packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients. "I was confused at first, but then I figured 'hey, why not try it with quinoa?'"

It's not that wild of an idea after all, especially since Jawad (and we!) already have stovetop and microwave quinoa "oatmeal" recipes. But what makes this oat-free oatmeal so special is its baked format that allows you to stir less and savor more—it makes a family-sized or meal prep-friendly six servings. Plus, it comes together in a single dish, so clean up is as easy as ever.

To make it, start by mashing two bananas inside your baking dish. Top with 1 cup dry quinoa, rinsed and drained, 2 tablespoons chia seeds and 2 cups of dairy-free or regular milk. Stir to combine and top with a cup or two of fresh or frozen blueberries and a handful of coconut flakes. Bake at 350 degrees F for 35 minutes and top with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup, if desired, and dive in.

"Wow, this actually works! So good," Jawad smiles after she savors her first bite.

We're wild about the extra protein by way of the quinoa (8 grams per cooked cup; each dry cup of dry quinoa yields about 3 cups cooked) and chia seeds (5 grams per 2 tablespoons). For comparison, oats offer a still-strong 6 grams per cooked cup.

While oats will always have room on our menu, alternating between baked oatmeal and baked oat-free oats sounds like a quick, easy and tasty way to add even more variety and a little more protein to our meal plans!

See how to make Jawad's Baked Quinoa Oatmeal recipe here.

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