Rachael Ray Has a Kitchen…in Her Bedroom?! Here's What's in It

We're totally swooning over the pendant light.

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Rachel Ray on a designed background
Photo: Getty Images / Jim Spellman

Rachael Ray had one doozy of a 2021. In addition to an August house fire that essentially destroyed the upstate New York home she shares with husband John Cusimano and the hurricane-related flooding that damaged their New York City apartment that same month, the couple lost their beloved pitbull dog, Isaboo in May. But despite it all, Rachael Ray found a way to find some bright spots. Ray and Cusimano worked with contractors and designers to rebuild their two New York abodes, adopted a new pup and kept on co-hosting their daytime talk show. Ray also polished up a heartfelt new memoir/cookbook about the whirlwind of a year, and made one of her childhood dreams a reality.

"When I was a very small girl, one of my first memories of life is my grandpa telling me stories about Italy and the mountains and how people would farm all the way up to the sky. All of my life, all I ever wanted was to live in Italy," Ray explains on her show.

After decades of dreaming, this vision became a reality to cap off the rollercoaster of a year. Ray, Cusimano and their talented team of home experts documented it all for an A&E Facebook Watch show, Rachael Ray's Italian Dream Home. ICYMI, we were absolutely speechless about the cozy, personalized yet ultra-functional details in her main kitchen.

But one detail we totally overlooked during the renovation show? The food celeb's "bedroom kitchen." Ray recently shared a sneak peek of the space on Instagram, and our jaws are still making their way up from the floor.

Take a look around the space that made us think, "Wait, you can do that?!"

"The one thing I've dreamed of having in my bedroom," Ray adds via text overlays atop the video tour of her bedroom kitchen on Instagram, "a kitchen!! Because I dream in pasta. Sweet cacio e pepe dreams!"

It's actually not *that* wild of a concept, when you think about it. Essentially, this open concept space just omits the wall and door that would normally separate the kitchen and bedroom, so they all mingle together in one large room. (One large room that just so happens to overlook a vast vineyard. So dreamy!)

Beyond that view and the easy, breezy vibes, here are 4 details that left us inspired and dreaming big for our own extreme home makeovers.

The vintage pendant light. Ray's bedroom-kitchen mash-up space has not one but two islands: a larger one for gathering around and group tasks, and a smaller one for displays and single-chef duties. Hanging above the latter is a single pendant light, which, alongside wall sconces, really brightens up the space. With a showy bulb shining through the clear class, it makes a real statement, too. (This Greenwood Pendant with Clear Glass is a close copycat to Ray's model! Buy it: $99, Lights.com)

The rustic dining table. A few steps inside the door to the space, you'll find a large, wooden, farmhouse-style table that looks like something straight out of a Disney movie. We can already imagine Ray and Cusimano sitting there and lingering over one of their "bagel lab" brunches or popping open a bottle of wine to share after a long day. Ray's looks handmade, but this Pottery Barn Reed Extended Antique Dining Table (buy it: $999, Pottery Barn) is quite similar.

The open shelving. Serviceware can double as decor when displayed on open shelving like those in Ray's bedroom kitchen. Bowls, dishes, pots and art intermix on Ray's shelves, which also act as a reminder of all you have…and a reminder to keep things nice and tidy since they're not hiding behind cabinet doors!

The epic espresso machine. A cup of espresso just steps away from bed? Talk about a pick me up! The shiny silver model beautifully matches the eye-catching silver stove hood, and we bet it makes a seriously impressive java. One similar style by Café Bellissimo is on sale right now (buy it: $629.95, Williams Sonoma) if you want to follow Ray's perky lead.

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