Even a beginner will feel right at home with these simple pointers.
Credit: Gettty Images / Christopher Polk

Halle Berry, the Academy Award-winning actress whose at-home workout had us majorly inspired, is sharing her tips for simple, mindful meditation. Through her wellness brand, Respin, Berry posted her five-step meditation practice that anyone can mimic. In all, the meditation takes just 10 minutes, so you can zone out, find your zen and face the day.

Berry starts by finding a quiet spot where she can focus without distractions. "I like to be outside," Berry says, and for good reason. Spending time outdoors can actually help you get a handle on stress, according to research. It's important to sit however you feel comfortable, but Berry especially recommends sitting with your legs crossed or with your feet planted on the ground. Keep your back straight and rest your hands wherever you're comfortable—relaxing is a must! 

Once you're settled, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. "Don't try to change anything about it," Berry wrote when she first shared her tips in Women's Health. Instead, just be aware of it. And be sure to be gentle with yourself—if you find your thoughts drifting, that's alright. Just refocus on your breathing.

After about five minutes of focusing on your breathing, let your mind drift over to the intention of your meditation. "What questions or worries do you have?," Berry suggests asking. "What changes do you want to see? What can you do to make those changes?" As you think it over, possible answers may come to mind. Give yourself a few minutes to consider them. You can take as long as you like.

When you feel ready to let go of those thoughts, open your eyes. "I like to write down what thoughts and answers popped up for me so that I really absorb them, and invite you to try that, too," Berry writes. 

Whatever comes up during your quiet time, you'll hopefully end your time feeling refreshed and relaxed. Research shows that meditation can help decrease stress, improve your focus and even lower blood pressure—so it can help you face a busy day and keep your heart healthy. If you need a little extra endorsement, some health experts, like neurosurgeon Sheri Dewan, M.D., begin each day with meditation time.

"Wherever your meditation takes you, I believe it gives you a chance to reconnect to your true self, and that's a really powerful thing," Berry says in her caption. With that in mind, we might just reach for the yoga mat before the coffee mug tomorrow morning.