Baked Hummus Pasta Is the Latest Twist on TikTok's Favorite Trend

This hack for creamy pasta is blowing our minds.

Baked Tomato & Feta Pasta
Photo: Jason Donnelly

Pictured recipe: Baked Tomato & Feta Pasta

We've been mesmerized by all the ways you can customize feta pasta since the original TikTok recipe went viral last year. Lizzo let us all in on her delish dairy-free twist, Yumna Jawad of Feel Good Foodie subbed in fresh strawberries for tomatoes and the recipe's original creator spun it into a cheesy asparagus dish for spring. While it's tough to beat the original mix of roasted tomatoes, feta cheese, garlic, chiles and basil, we're willing to eat as much pasta as necessary to determine the most delicious option.

Now Jawad has added yet another recipe to the list of baked pastas we can't wait to try. Her recipe for Baked Hummus Pasta trades the classic block of feta cheese for a container of pesto hummus. To get even more flavor, she roasts cherry tomatoes, the hummus, salt and pepper on a sheet pan at 400°F for 35 minutes. When the hummus is slightly browned and the tomatoes are burst and bubbling, Jawad crushes the tomatoes with a fork and combines the ingredients until the hummus-tomato sauce is pink and creamy. She tosses in some cooked gemelli pasta—though you can use whatever you have on hand—and serves it up with fresh basil on top.

It's a smart way to put a vegan twist on the pasta trend without having to pick out the right vegan cheese alternative—and while Jawad uses limited edition organic pesto hummus from Cedar's Foods from Whole Foods, you could substitute your favorite brand and flavor of hummus (it's worth noting that Jawad has a partnership with Cedar's). Typical supermarket flavors like lemon-garlic and roasted red pepper would also be pretty tasty in this dish, and you could even use a homemade alternative, like this restaurant-quality hummus. Add a little store-bought or homemade pesto for that delicious basil flavor—but make sure you buy a vegan pesto if you want to keep the recipe plant-based.

It's no surprise that commenters are already giving the recipe rave reviews in the comments. "I have been doing this forever, it's one of my faves," one commenter said. "Also with roasted red pepper!" Others said they have to wait and see the reviews roll in on this recipe before they try it themselves—hot hummus doesn't sound delicious to everybody.

But this hummus pasta does remind us of a similar recipe from Half-Baked Harvest, and we've heard hummus-based pasta sauces are actually pretty delicious if you give them a shot. Adding in hummus will give you an extra boost of protein and fiber, depending on the brand you choose, and chickpeas—the main ingredient in hummus—will also help you bump up your folate intake. (That may appeal especially to pregnant folks, since expecting and breastfeeding parents are at a higher risk for folate deficiency.)

Whether you try this recipe out because you're a TikTok pasta acolyte or just on the hunt for a delicious and easy meal, you're sure to end up pleased with the creamy, flavorful bowl in front of you.

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