This is one TikTok trend we can totally get behind.
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avocado toast with question marks falling on it
Credit: Getty Images / janetleerhodes

Yes, we know that some food trend followers have declared avocado toast to be *so* last decade, but we still can't get enough of the quick, easy, versatile and heart-healthy snack/breakfast idea. I mean who could turn down warm, crispy, energy-boosting carbs (whole grain for us, please!) topped with creamy, buttery avocado slices or smash? Plus that base is like a blank slate begging to be dressed up with everything from hummus and everything bagel seasoning to smoked salmon and white beans.

Plus, avocado toast has been around since at least the 1990s. And ICYMI, the '90s are totally trending again, as proven by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and SATC reboots and the prolific nature of shackets, fanny packs and loose, ripped jeans. Vindication!

Avocado toast is having another moment on TikTok this year thanks to Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh, the apparent mastermind behind the Grated Egg Avocado Toast that's now being riffed on countless times across the social media platform.

"Start by cutting a thick slice of crusty bread and toasting it," @healthyishfoods blogger Thomas-Drawbaugh says. "While it's in the toaster, you can slice down your avocado. Make sure it's nice and thin."

She then tops her toast with a few dollops of Kewpie mayonnaise (buy it: $6.39 for 17.64 ounces, Target), and uses a butter knife to spread this from edge to edge. Layer on the avocado slices, then "using a microplane grater, you're going to start grating your hard-boiled egg." (Buy it: $49.95 for three of varying sizes, Williams Sonoma.)

Grate the entire egg, yolk and all, top to bottom (without risking shaving your fingers of course!), season with salt and pepper, and finish with sriracha, if desired.

"Trust me guys, this recipe is so good. You're going to love eating your eggs this way," Thomas-Drawbaugh concludes as she grabs the toast and enjoys her first bite.

Another one of our favorite TikTok follows, Yumna Jawad of @FeelGoodFoodie—you might recall her Air-Fryer French Toast and her brilliant cauliflower prep hack that we've reported on in the past—loves eating her eggs this way. And she even streamlined and tipped-up the process for us in her video:

Rather than slicing the green fruit, Jawad simply uses a fork to smash it onto a slice of plain, mayo-free toast. She then suggests using a grater or microplane to add the hard boiled egg.

"I found it easier to grate it after it got cold," she says, so you could easily use a meal prep or store-bought hard-cooked egg for the task. Jawad finished her slice with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. "So good!"

Since we're already huge fans of this Egg Salad Avocado Toast, we know this is going to score an A+ in our kitchens, too. We can't wait to give this high-protein recipe a try for breakfast tomorrow.