This Quick and Easy Hack for Cutting Up a Head of Cauliflower Is a Game-Changer

Say hello to this foolproof method.

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A head of cauliflower on a designed background
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If you're not following Yumna Jawad—aka @feelgoodfoodie—on Instagram and TikTok, you're missing out. Whether she's coming up with a fruity riff on baked feta, an easy air-fryer breakfast or her own take on yogurt toast, you'll find some tasty inspiration on Jawad's feeds.

She hasn't led us astray so far, which is why we can't wait to try this hack she posted for separating cauliflower florets without all the mess. Jawad credits Rachel Gurk, the creator behind @rachelcooksblog, for this simple trick. Instead of unwrapping the head of cauliflower and cutting away the florets, Jawad leaves the cauliflower in its grocery store wrapper and forcefully whacks it against the counter a few times until it comes apart in the plastic. Then she opens the plastic bag and removes the loose leaves and stem pieces. Voilà: you have perfect cauliflower florets.

It's no surprise that this hack is her go-to solution for making bite-size veggies in seconds. Other cruciferous veggies, like romaine lettuce, can also be de-cored with a good thwack. While our previous go-to was the Ina Garten method—cutting out the core stem from the bottom, then breaking the head up into florets—this strategy is sure to save us even more cleanup time (and might even be a good way to relieve stress).

If you buy cauliflower heads without plastic wrapping, you could likely get the same effect by wrapping the cauliflower in your usual produce tote or a large reusable bag, like this half-gallon Stasher bag (buy it: on sale for $20, was $37, Macy's). In any case, you'll end up with florets separated and ready to roast, sauté or steam.

For inspiration, you might look to some of our five-star cauliflower recipes, like this Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice or Cauliflower Tikka Masala with Chickpeas. Or shake up your routine by replacing your bowl of rice with riced cauliflower pilaf.

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