We’re definitely stealing this recipe.
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Sometimes you need a quick dinner that still feels a little fancy—that's where 15-minute wonders like our Egg Tartine and Cauliflower Gnocchi with Asparagus & Pesto come in handy. And when it comes to easy dishes that aim to impress, you can always count on Ina Garten for a truly tasty recipe that everyone will love, whether it's a 10-minute appetizer or an apple tart that's so easy, even people who hate to bake can make it.

We're always looking out for another Ina-approved recipe to put on our radar, which is why her Ultimate Tuna Melts are now on our must-make list. When Garten shared them on Instagram yesterday, she upped the excitement by saying that while tuna salad sandwiches are "one of my favorite comfort foods… My Ultimate Tuna Melts are even better!"

The recipe starts with two jars of canned tuna—Garten suggests tuna packed in olive oil, like this sustainably-caught skipjack tuna from Wild Planet (buy it: $7, Hive Brands). Start by draining the tuna, then add it to a medium bowl and flake it with a fork. Add chopped scallions, celery and minced fresh dill, mixing with a fork until combined. For an extra pop of flavor, add in lemon juice, salt and pepper, plus mayonnaise and—if you want—anchovy paste. 

You can stop at this point a day or two ahead of time, then make the melts later. When you're ready for dinner, top four slices of toast with tuna salad, then sprinkle the layers of tuna salad with shredded Swiss cheese, like Emmentaler. Broil the sandwiches for a couple of minutes at 500°F, top with microgreens and serve immediately.

Garten says these open-faced sandwiches are fast-acting comfort food, so get ready to dig in. "I promise you'll feel better immediately," she writes of these tasty toasts. Serve them up with scoops of an easy winter side salad, like our Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Goat Cheese & Pomegranate or Red Cabbage Salad with Blue Cheese & Maple-Glazed Walnuts

Commenters were quick to endorse this simple dinner, with one person saying that Garten "really turned the volume up on these! So perfect!" Others suggested adding some diced pickles to the tuna salad and a slice of tomato for extra freshness.

And while this quick dinner will feel cozy and comforting, you'll also reap the benefits of dishing up canned tuna, an essential healthy pantry staple that's rich in good-for-you omega-3s. Even the crunchy bits of celery will add some antioxidants to your plate. Finish your meal with one of Ina's signature Pomegranate Gimlets for a real treat that will warm you up at the end of a cold day.