This method is simple—and it doesn’t require any special organizers.
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There are probably thousands of ways to organize spices—there are the labeled racks with perfectly uniform spice jars, countertop tiers for easy access and even big hanging racks that practically double as an art installation. And while there's no one right answer for how to organize your spices, our guess is that Marie Kondo would be just the person we'd want to ask for advice on how to keep our treasured seasonings spick and span. 

Marie Kondo on a designed background
Credit: Getty Images / Amy Sussman

The author, Netflix host and organizational whiz has given us a whole new vocabulary for figuring out how to tidy up our homes. (When was the last time your cluttered spice cabinet sparked joy, by the way?) And now she's endorsing a simple method for sprucing up your spice drawer.

First thing's first—you're going to need to pull out the spices in your drawer and make sure your drawer is clean and your spices are still fresh and ready to use. (Our sister brand, Allrecipes, suggests running a sniff test on older spices that have been unsealed for a while—if you can't smell the spice, it's probably time to throw it out.)

When you put your spices back in the drawer, lay them on their side with the label facing up, so you'll be able to see what you have on hand at a glance. Line your spices up in columns, with similar-sized bottles lying top-to-bottom in lines. When everything's back in the drawer, you're all done! It's as simple as that—and pretty brilliant, since it will work for just about any size drawer you have.

If you're dead-set on making a purchase to accompany your spice overhaul, you could pick up a Lynk Spice Rack Tray (buy it: $20, Amazon), which helps prop up your spices so you can avoid glare from your kitchen overhead light, but it's not necessary—unless, of course, it sparks joy.