Mindy Kaling's "World's Easiest" Baked Brie Has a Sneaky Hack for Packing in Flavor

We’re taking notes.

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It's no secret that we at EatingWell are big fans of warm, gooey Brie cheese. Whether we're stuffing it into a sheet of puff pastry with jam or melting it into a rich plate of pasta, there's no shortage of ways to enjoy this creamy ingredient. And while we might be feeling a little sluggish from the holiday season's indulgent menu, that doesn't mean we won't be serving up some comfort food this January—including Mindy Kaling's super-easy baked Brie.

Kaling says this take on the classic appetizer is perfect to share with friends and family, but it's so delicious that you'll be tempted to keep it all for yourself. Kaling starts with a wedge of Brie, which she slices down the middle height-wise and sandwiches with slivered almonds and apricot jam, then wraps it in crescent roll dough. While she doesn't mention the cook time, you'll want to at least cook this cheesy delight as long as the dough package instructs, around 12 minutes at 350°F or 375°F depending on your sheet pan type.

The apricot and almond combination is far from the only flavor option at your disposal—we're fans of spiced nuts and caramel sauce, blackberry jam or fig preserves. In the comments, folks were quick to chime in with their favorite twists, like cranberry jam with candied walnuts or some fresh berries. One helpful cheesemaker noted that he likes to freeze the Brie for 15 minutes before baking, that way the cheese is melted inside without bubbling out of its pastry container.

While one commenter gave Kaling some grief for sabotaging their new year's resolutions, we know that kicking comfort food off your plate entirely is no way to stick to a healthy goal. Instead, enjoy a treat like this baked Brie in moderation—which probably means sharing it or storing the leftovers—rather than deprive yourself of it entirely.

If you're feeling a little too indulgent post-Brie, you could always refresh yourself with another favorite Mindy Kaling recipe, like her dreamy green smoothie. No matter what, this ooey-gooey dish is sure to leave you feeling cozy and comforted this winter.

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