Mindy Kaling Just Made the Simplest Green Smoothie to Help You Get More Veggies in This Holiday Season

Sometimes you just need a refreshing hit of veggies.

Pineapple Spinach Smoothie
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We're still a few days away from Christmas, and already it feels like rich foods and irresistible sweets are on heavy rotation. If you're feeling the wave of holiday sluggishness hit you early this year, you're not alone. An unofficial poll of EatingWell's digital editors revealed that many of us are already trading cookies, cakes and other treats with our friends and neighbors, and we're already feeling the effects. Luckily enough, Mindy Kaling is feeling the same way—and she just shared the super simple green smoothie recipe she's using to help herself feel better and more energized this holiday season.

In her caption, Kaling says her take on this smoothie is inspired by the green smoothies Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington make just about every morning—here's the recipe for Reese's take on this super-refreshing beverage. Both Witherspoon and Kaling say the recipe is adapted from a smoothie originally posted by author Kimberly Snyder.

Kaling's smoothie starts with a whole chopped apple—core removed—plus one torn head of romaine, one sliced lemon, two chopped celery stalks, a handful of spinach, one banana, one handful of frozen pineapple and a big pour of coconut water. Kaling blends up her drink, and the result is a creamy, vibrant drink that had commenters like Christine Quinn and chef Maunika Gowardhan adding this recipe to their to-make list.

If you're a fan of prepping ahead, you could steal a hack from Witherspoon's recipe and double your batch, saving half for tomorrow in your favorite reusable glass or bottle. And when you pick up a bunch of celery from the produce department, you can always chop and blanch the veggie, then store the pieces in the freezer for easy access. That way you can scoop out celery for your smoothies and juices the same way you dole out your frozen pineapple. (You can also freeze apples to make this smoothie a quick fix.)

No matter how much you prep in advance, you're bound to get a whopping amount of nutrients in this smoothie. The celery packs in some vitamin K, which supports your bone health, plus electrolytes and tons of water content—celery is 95% water and coconut water is super hydrating thanks to electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. And the handful of raw spinach in this drink will give your eye, skin and heart health a little boost.

You'll want to tuck this smoothie recipe in your back pocket for days when the combination of tantalizing Christmas cookies and indulgent breakfasts leaves you feeling in need of some fresh produce.

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