Jessica Biel Just Shared Her Go-to Holiday Hangover Cure

It’s a classic—but is it healthy?

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There's a reason why Pedialyte was on all the end caps of the Publix in my former college town—the electrolyte-packed drink is one of the many classic hangover cures that can supposedly wipe away the signature headache and nausea many people experience after a night of too much drinking. Since drinking too much alcohol can cause dehydration, an electrolyte drink like Pedialyte may seem like a perfect solution to cure your post-night out fatigue—which is probably why Jessica Biel is a big fan.

Biel posted on Instagram this weekend to promote her wellness brand's twist on the drink, called Kinderlyte. "Guess who is NOT gonna be hungover tomorrow… 🥰👋🏻 ," Biel wrote in her caption. "Happy Holidays everybody—stay safe and party responsibly, even if you're doin' it at home alone." Like Pedialyte, Biel's drink is plant-based, chock full of minerals and comes in a few different flavors, like fruit punch, grape, orange and the cherry punch Biel posed with on Instagram.

Electrolyte drinks like Kinderlyte are mostly water, but they also contain electrolytes like sodium, calcium and potassium, which you may run low on while dehydrated. They're a good option for folks who have a hard time making themselves drink enough water—though you'll want to keep an eye out for the sugar content in the bottle you choose. (Kinderlyte's fruit punch flavor contains 8 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving and is sweetened with stevia. Pedialyte is sweetened with dextrose.)

Your best bet when it comes to hydrating your way out of a hangover is probably just drinking good old-fashioned water, though coconut water is also a good choice. If you need a little more flavor, you could always add in good-for-you flavor-boosting ingredients like mint, cucumber, lemon or berries, which can add something extra to your drink without any added sugar.

If you're drinking alcohol in excess this holiday season, hangovers may be inevitable. Making sure you hydrate the next day and get your fill of necessary nutrients like carbs, protein, calories and fat, will ensure that you'll be in good shape. And you can always opt for one of these simple, potassium-packed meals for some extra electrolytes.

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