These Are the 5 Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts at Whole Foods, According to Employees

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No one is immune from having to make the last-minute dash into whatever store is open on your way to a holiday gathering. When you've forgotten to pick something up for your host or a friend, trying to find something with a personal touch at the grocery store down the block isn't exactly an ideal plan. Luckily for those who live near a Whole Foods, the store has just shared its top five picks for last minute gifts, so you can procrastinate and still get everything handled.

For the baker in your life, the store recommends a nice bottle of Frontier Co-Op vanilla extract or saffron threads. If you pick up some of your own favorite spices, you could even tack on a favorite recipe or two for good measure. (We recommend our Apple Custard Pie with Saffron and Cardamom and Spiked Vanilla Latte for inspiration.) We might also opt for some anti-inflammatory spices as cold and flu season picks up—cinnamon sticks, black peppercorns and turmeric would all fit the bill.

If you're shopping for a self-care enthusiast, you might go with a Paddywax candle in their favorite scent. The Whole Foods post specifically shouts out the pink opal-persimmon, sandalwood-spearmint and cactus flower-matcha candles, plus scents like maplewood-moss, which are inspired by various national parks. Pair it with some epsom salts or a bar of handmade soap, and you've got all the supplies for your pal's next unwinding session.

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For folks who are more into practical gift-giving, Whole Foods suggests a big bottle of extra virgin olive oil that any home cook will use in the kitchen. A standard bottle of the Whole Foods-branded oil will work, but you could also go a little fancier with a bottle of O California olive oil or pair your olive oil with a vinegar that will set your giftee up for vinaigrette success.

And if you need a simple, classic host gift, Whole Foods says you can't go wrong with a bottle of Decoy cabernet sauvignon. If you happen to know what kind of wine your friend or family member prefers, seek out a bottle and dress it up with a ribbon or bow for festive flair. (You could also look to this list of the best affordable wines of 2021 for extra inspiration.)

The store's last recommendation is one you could hardly go wrong with—a bar of nice, sustainable chocolate, like Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate, is sure to please just about anyone with a sweet tooth. Whole Foods also carries brands like Chocolove and Endangered Species Chocolate, so you'll have plenty of flavors and cacao levels to choose from. We're also partial to Madhu Chocolate, if you're buying online.

Whatever you choose for your friends and family, just be sure to offer your thanks—and your dishwashing skills—to whoever hosts you this holiday season.

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