These finds are sure to make your days merry and bright.

The cold weather is here, Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror and windows are starting to light up with menorahs and sparkling Christmas trees. As much as we look forward to the happiest season of the year, we also know it comes with a lot of stress. Whether you're still hunting down the best gifts for friends and family or trying to plan a holiday soirée, December always requires plenty of planning. Luckily, Aldi has swept in with its December products to help you navigate the season with ease.

4 Aldi products on a designed background
Credit: Aldi

The store is launching new holiday items in just about every category, from host gifts to baking goodies and even a treat calendar to fill in the seven days of December not included in your Advent calendar. There's even a ribeye roast that's begging to be the centerpiece in a Christmas Carol-style dinner feast. No matter what kind of holiday you're in the market for, there are plenty of affordable buys you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for. Here are the 14 holiday finds we're most excited to scope out:

The Best December Aldi Finds for the Holidays

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Holiday-Themed Pizzas

green pizza box on white background
Credit: Aldi

What says happy holidays like a tree-shaped pizza sprinkled with red and green bell peppers? This frozen pizza makes it easy to bring a little holiday cheer to even your last-minute meals this December. Buy one for $2.49 beginning December 1.

El Sabroso Holiday Tortilla Chips

green bag of red and green tortilla chips
Credit: Aldi

If you're the host who depends on dips for holiday noshing, add a little festive flair with these red and green corn tortilla chips. A 12-ounce bag of these seasonal chips costs just $1.89 and is available starting December 1.

Nestle Peppermint Hot Cocoa Morsels

bag of chocolate chips, marshamallows and peppermint on white background
Credit: Aldi

Whether you're making a batch of warm cookies or a chilled pan of peppermint bark, these deliciously melty morsels are an easy way to bring wintry flavors to your dish. This mix of milk chocolate chips, peppermint squares and mini marshmallows is sure to zhuzh up whatever treats you're making. Pick up an 8-ounce bag for $3.48 beginning December 1.

Specially Selected Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

a charcoal box of frozen scallops
Credit: Aldi

Serve up this easy frozen appetizer at your big holiday party and get ready to be crowned the host with the most. This classic app will definitely impress your guests, so grab a 5-ounce box for $6.99 beginning December 1.

Sparkling Wine Countdown to the New Year

box of sparkling wine decorated with confetti and fireworks
Credit: Aldi

Just because you finished off your Advent calendar doesn't mean you can't keep counting down with treats. This seven-day countdown calendar includes seven assorted 187-milliliter bottles of sparkling wine, so you can get the party started ahead of New Years Eve. Buy one of these calendars for $29.99 beginning December 1.

Specially Selected Brioche Star

a star-shaped brioche loaf in a cellophane bag
Credit: Aldi

Put this beautiful brioche loaf at the center of your holiday dessert board for a stunning centerpiece. Pick up this tender, sweet star for $5.99 starting December 1, or try the chocolate chip-studded brioche tree for the same price.

Priano Christmas Gnocchi

bag of red and white frozen gnocchi on white background
Credit: Aldi

It's no secret that we love a bag of frozen gnocchi—we use it in everything from Gnocchi Pomodoro to Air-Fryer Gnocchi with Marinara. So you know we'll be incorporating these festive pasta shapes into our Christmas dinner lineup. Pick up a bag of red and white mittens and Santa hats or a bag of green and white trees and stars for $1.99 starting December 8.

Southern Grove Holiday Nut Trios

silver tin of nuts on white background
Credit: Aldi

Round out your grazing options with one of the savory or sweet nut trios from Southern Grove. The sweet trio includes chai-spiced almonds, honey-glazed pecans and peanut brittle—sounds like a great addition to any dessert spread. The savory mix includes rosemary almonds, a nut blend and Sicilian snack mix, so you'll have a little of everything to offer guests. Pick up one of these pretty tins for $4.99 starting December 8.

Pillsbury Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie Dough

green box of pillsbury sugar cookies decorated with christmas trees
Credit: Aldi

Everyone deserves a little taste of nostalgia around the holidays, and these classic Pillsbury sugar cookies are sure to do the trick. Pick up a pack of 20 cookies for $2.49 starting December 8.

Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

gift box of three bottles of olive oil
Credit: Aldi

If you need a last-minute host gift for that get-together at a friend's house, snag this pretty mix of olive oils that comes in a tidy gift box. Each set includes a 8.45-ounce bottle from Greece, Portugal and Italy, so the recipient can experiment with the blends in everything from salad dressing to bread-dipping oil. Buy a box for $12.99 starting December 8.

Gouda Cheese Holiday Trees

christmas tree-shaped gouda bites in a black tub
Credit: Aldi

Aldi is introducing tons of products to make your holiday charcuterie board the cutest (and easiest) it's ever been, including these 100-calorie gouda bites cut into tiny Christmas trees. Pick up a container of 14 little trees for $3.99 beginning December 15.

Specially Selected Charcuterie Board Kit

black box of charcuterie accessories
Credit: Aldi

Add some sweetness to your cheese board with this mix of dried apricot, dates, almonds, cinnamon apple slices and dark chocolate almonds. Aldi suggests pairing this kit with goat cheese, prosciutto and your favorite crackers. Pick up a kit for $9.99 beginning December 15.

Park Street Deli Blue Cheese or Truffle Dip

blue tub of party dip on white background
Credit: Aldi

Either of these 12-ounce dips will surely add a rich, creamy punch of flavor to your next appetizer spread. The blue cheese-pecan dip is sour cream- and cream cheese-based for ultra decadence, while the truffle dip blends cream cheese, ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese and truffle oil for an especially cheesy treat. Pick one up for $4.99 beginning December 15.

Specially Selected USDA Choice Bone-in Ribeye Roast

standing beef rib roast
Credit: Aldi

If you love to whip up a show-stopping holiday dinner, Aldi's USDA Choice Bone-in Ribeye Roast could be the star of this year's show. Pick up a roast for $6.99 per pound and try this holiday ribeye roast from our sister brand Food & Wine.