Trader Joe's Just Released Shimmery Hot Cocoa Ornament Bombs—and They're Under $7

They're *almost* too pretty to drink.

Trader Joe's Hot Cocoa Ornaments on a designed background
Photo: Karla Walsh

It's the most wonderful time of the year at Trader Joe's: Winter holiday product release week!

And while they just announced a whole crop of new must-haves in Episode 43 of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast that was just released today, I spotted one adorable item that slipped onto the Trader Joe's website a little early. I was so excited about it, in fact, that I sprinted right over to Joe's place while listening to the podcast on the way. (What can I say, I take this "research" seriously!)

Inspired by last year's smashing success with the hot cocoa snowman, and the explosion in popularity of all things hot chocolate bombs, "These [look like] sparkly, shiny, almost metallic ornaments that you'd almost hang on a tree," says Inside Trader Joe's co-host Matt Sloan, vice president of marketing. The Hot Cocoa Ornaments "are almost like a hot cocoa kit in and of itself."

So while the four-pack (red, gold, blue and green) of large bulb-shaped goodies look like actual Christmas tree ornaments, they're sneakily utilitarian. Instead of using them to deck the halls, "just add this to a large mug, then add some [hot] milk or the dairy alternative of your choice," Sloan explains, adding that it even comes packed with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips to complete the cocoa experience. (ICYMI, here are the 7 healthiest milks you can sip, according to dietitians.)

The glittery, edible coating covers a milk chocolate shell that comes spiked with a hint of mint flavor. Pop it into a steaming mug, stir until combined and prepare to cozy up with your most festive mug yet.

I found a whole stack of these hot cocoa ornaments—a totally reasonable $6.99 for four (or $1.75 each)—on an end cap positioned near returning holiday favorites such as dark chocolate oranges, Panettone and cookie mug hangers. You better believe I snagged a box...along with several of these 9 Trader Joe's items EatingWell editors stock up on for a stress-free holiday. 'Tis the season, after all!

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