How about a subscription to her favorite wine brand?
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Giada De Laurentiis on a designed background
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Considering Giada De Laurentiis quite literally wrote the book on self-care this year—Eat Better, Feel Better (buy it: $19.48, Target)—we imagined the celebrity chef, mom, TV host and pasta pro might have some solid strategies to help you treat yo'self.

Even we were surprised, however, when her new self-care gift guide dropped on her lifestyle website Giadzy. It's about *so* much more than food and drink, and includes an idea that will cheer up even your Grinch-iest of loved ones. In addition to that aforementioned book, which of course made the list, here are our favorites from De Laurentiis' self-care present picks.

(P.S. Not so into self-care? She also has gift guides for food lovers, stocking stuffers, entertainers and those craving a taste of Italy.)

Food and Drink Gifts

Intini Organic Olive Oil

Made in Puglia, Italy, for four generations and counting, this family-owned olive oil brand "produces some of the best olive oil," according to De Laurentiis and co., "with countless awards to show for it." It's made with 100% hand-picked organic Coratina olives when they are at their best in November. How fitting for holiday season!

Light and Bright Italiana Box

Part of her extensive Bloomingdale's gift guide, this fully-loaded box is for someone who has been *really* nice this year. It's stuffed with all of the things De Laurentiis deems as "superfoods" in the Italian culinary lexicon, "from zingy Calabrian chili spread to juicy Cerignola olives, sun-dried tomatoes and anchovy filets from the Amalfi coast," she explains. "These ingredients impart bold Italian flavor into just about any dish—all while keeping things fresh, light, and above else, deliciously simple. Oh yes, and it includes a copy of her latest cookbook, too.

Dry Farm Wines

"Organically grown on family farms, independently lab tested for purity, and sugar-free with no additives," De Laurentiis says, explaining why this is her go-to wine brand. Become a "Friend of the Farm," select red, rosé, white, sparkling or mixed natural wines from around the world, and you'll receive a delivery at the cadence you set (say, each month or quarter).

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

"Stop wondering about food sensitivities and get your answers with ease by taking an at-home food sensitivity test," De Laurentiis recommends, noting that her Giadzy team has tested and raves about this at-home kit in particular. With a finger prick, you can send in enough data for the on-staff physicians to pinpoint your sensitivity levels for 96 common foods, including cheese, eggs, gluten, beans, shellfish and more.

Italiana Sans Gluten Gift Box

"If you thought you couldn't enjoy the best that Italian food has to offer just because you're avoiding the gluten, think again," De Laurentiis says. So if that food sensitivity test—or a doctor—helped you or a loved one determine that wheat isn't the best menu choice, consider this curated Giadzy gift box. It comes with gluten-free penne rigate and casarecce pasta, pizza flour, pasta flour and olive oil so you can enjoy without the aches.

Buy it: $75, Giadzy

Mental Wellness Gifts

Gratitude Journal

Although De Laurentiis' pick, the "Happy in a Million Little Ways Journal," is sold out from Anthropologie, we found a similar, sunshine-hued option that also includes daily prompts. "Work through it, let it out, set intentions and meditate over all of it," she says. "A present to make you more present!"

Lion's Mane Mushroom Supplements

Research suggests that this unique variety of mushrooms may bolster the immune system, reduce risk for dementia and help relieve anxiety. "This superfood supplement is pure magic," De Laurentiis explains. (But as always, talk to your doctor before beginning any new supplement!)

Pampering Presents

Wellness Mats

Since she's often on her feet cooking for hours at a time to film, prepare and clean up after episodes of her shows, De Laurentiis relies on a bit of support. "If you find yourself standing in the kitchen for hours on end, your body will thank you for using this cushiony mat," she says. "Especially recommended when you need to do the dishes!" (One of our editors swears by these anti-fatigue mats for less back pain, too!)

Buy it: $120, Williams Sonoma

Dorothee Schumacher Slippers

After wrapping up all that cooking and cleaning—or hey, while you do so—slip on these "luxurious slippers." Admittedly, they're a true splurge, but they're worth it, according to the chic chef, since "it doesn't get more super-soft and stylish at once than these do."

Tune In Card Deck

"You'll be surprised at how much a little perspective can help you better understand your thoughts," she says. This EQ (emotional quotient)-smart deck of cards by Taylor Elyse Morrison can help your loved one pinpoint—then process—their feelings.

Printfresh Pajamas

Watch any episode of Giada At Home or Everyday Italian, and you'll know that De Laurentiis adores all things citrus. These PJs pay homage to that favorite fruit, and are handcrafted with eco-conscious fabric.