This Hack for Perfect Servings of Thanksgiving Stuffing Is So Easy—and Fans Say It's "Always a Hit"

This adorable method may have you wanting to reconfigure your Thanksgiving menu.

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Pictured recipe: Roasted Fennel & Italian Sausage Stuffing

As Thanksgiving approaches, we're already thinking about ways to make the holiday delicious, decadent and easier than ever. Our editors have quite a few products they rely on for a simpler Thanksgiving spread, including everything from slow cookers to velvet ropes. But no kitchen tool or handy gadget will save you from the ultimate pre-Thanksgiving task: settling on the menu.

If you're still kicking around ideas for ways to make your holiday especially tasty, Williams Sonoma may have just the fix for you. The store posted a Thanksgiving hack to its Instagram page that we can't wait to try. Using Williams Sonoma's own focaccia stuffing mix (buy it: $19, Williams Sonoma) as a base, a chef in the video whips up an adorable set of six stuffins—that is, stuffing made into muffins.

The brand's recipe combines stuffing mix, celery, onion, cranberries, stock and seasoning for a flavor-packed, individually portioned side dish. (The video also uses a five-star Williams Sonoma nonstick muffin pan, which you can pick up for $35.) Commenters were all about this tiny take on what's usually served from a large baking pan—even if they think of stuffing as a dish they want more than just one portion of.

But even if your guests go back for seconds and thirds, they'll appreciate the mix of textures that a stuffin offers. Each little portion maximizes the crispiness on the outside and the moist tenderness on the inside for a ratio that Williams Sonoma customers are all about.

"Been doing this for years—all those crispy edges and perfect serving size (and they freeze beautifully!)," one comment reads. The freezability of this stuffing recipe would make it even easier to prevent Thanksgiving leftovers from going to waste. Another home cook said they would be making these little bites for Thanksgiving breakfast, which sounds like a winning way to start the day.

"I've been doing a version of this for 5 years," another commenter wrote. "It's always a hit. Mine has diced Granny Smith apples, sage sausage, and craisins. It's a hit every year." Others suggested their favorite stuffing add-ins for a tasty stuffing mix upgrade, like chopped pecans, fresh sage and homemade cornbread.

Others said they'd be trying this with their own favorite stuffing and dressing recipes this year—we'd love to try recipes like our Apple-Cranberry Stuffing and Cornbread & Oyster-Mushroom Stuffing in these smaller portions. Just be sure to try out your recipe ahead of the holiday so you can time your Thanksgiving dinner out just right.

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