Molly Yeh and Joanna Gaines Just Planned Your Trip to Waco, Texas—Here's What's on the Itinerary

File a vacation with Molly and Jo under "life goals!"

Molly Yeh on a designed background that includes the shape of the state Texas
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Besides her delightful obsession with all things sprinkles, Molly Yeh is known for her 13-years-strong, super-colorful blog, My Name is Yeh, and her Food Network show that features recipes influenced by her now-Midwestern home and her Jewish and Chinese heritage.

Basically, she's one of our dream celeb chef BFFs! She ranks right up there alongside Giada, Ree, Ina, Martha, Ayesha and Joanna as our bucket list powerhouse cook dinner dates. Until we can make that dreamy dinner party a reality, we'll be living vicariously through Yeh, who was lucky enough to pay a visit to none other than THE Joanna Gaines right in Waco, Texas. All of the action was chronicled for an hour-long special on Discovery called Molly Yeh's Magnolia Adventure.

Yeh and her husband, Nick, are right in the middle of a massive renovation of their farmhouse on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. The home has been in Nick's family for generations, and the couple—who has one daughter and another kiddo on the way—is aiming to update the space to suit their modern style and present-day needs.

Before paying a visit to Gaines on the set of her show Magnolia Table which films at the Gristmill (a refurbished 1800s flour mill), Molly and Nick explored Waco to taste and see what the Southern city has to offer. Here's a quick list of the must-see stops if you're ever in the area, according to the episode and this Behind the Scenes of Molly Yeh's Magnolia Adventure recap.

The Top 5 Places to Eat, Shop and Visit in Waco, Texas, According to Molly Yeh

Magnolia Market

"A must-see in downtown Waco, the Magnolia Market shopping complex is set around these grain silos originally built in 1950," Molly says. Get a sneak peek of some of the cozy fall items you might find there here!

Guess Family Barbecue

This food truck draws crowds at Magnolia Market for one sandwich in particular. "The brisket melt is an experience," Molly said. It's chopped thick, then cooked on a griddle alongside caramelized onions, then stacked between Texas toast with shredded Cheddar cheese with a homemade aioli. They also devoured a pulled pork taco from the truck, because "everywhere we go, Nick has to find the best taco," Molly says.

Harp Design Co.

One of the main reasons for the visit—besides to meet Jo in real life, of course—was to swing by Harp Design Co. (the office of Clint Harp, the craftsman made famous as the master woodworker behind most of the projects that air on the Gaines' HGTV show Fixer Upper). Molly dreamed of adding a wooden pegboard to her kitchen for extra storage and as an homage to her culinary icon, Julia Child.


"The fried chicken biscuit sandwich is pure, unadulterated music to my mouth, and the biscuits at Milo are life-changing," Molly says. So life-changing, in fact, that Molly asked chef Corey MacIntyre to teach her how to make the family heirloom recipe. (The secret, by the way, lies in a 24-hour brine that includes tea for totally tender results, followed by a buttermilk bath.)

Style Station

This local vintage shop was Nick and Molly's first stop in Waco, and it's where Nick found a cowboy hat that he rocked for the rest of the trip...including as he serenaded Molly while she baked these Almond Butter Sandwich Cookies with Rhubarb Jam to take to Joanna!

Want a taste of Magnolia without leaving home? We'll teach you how to make Joanna's Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, Pear Bread and perfectly fluffy biscuits. Sweet!

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