His Mimi’s stuffing and Mom’s pecan pie will definitely be on the menu.
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Lance Bass holiday starbucks
Credit: Starbucks

Singer, actor and producer Lance Bass says, like most people, the coronavirus pandemic drastically changed his daily routine. He says, "Once the pandemic started, all of my [work] projects came to a halt." During this time, Bass was forced to slow down, which ended up teaching him some unexpected valuable lessons. He says, "I realized I was working too hard and traveling way too much. The pandemic taught me to love being home and around my family."

And Bass will likely be at home with his family a lot more over the next few months. The NSYNC alum and his husband, Michael Turchin, welcomed a set of twins, Violet Betty and Alexander James, via surrogate earlier this month. 

The couple has already started thinking about how they want to celebrate the holidays with their growing family. Bass says, "It'll be interesting to see what traditions are born. This year we're staying in Los Angeles [to celebrate] Christmas with my family and Hanukkah with my husband's family. Our families are coming to us. We're also having a nice big family Thanksgiving, and I would love for that to be our new tradition." 

Bass, who was raised in Mississippi, says he loves Southern food and enjoys eating his family's recipes—especially around the holidays. He says, "My mom is the best cook ever … I love watching my mom make her pecan pie and Key lime pie." He admits that even though he loves eating his mom's desserts, he's more of a savory person. His grandmother's stuffing is one favorite: "My Mimi makes the best dressing for Thanksgiving, and she taught me how to make it," he says.

Bass has type 2 diabetes, and he adds that while these holiday recipes are absolutely delicious, they're definitely a once-in-a-while treat for him. "It's probably only something I have once a year," he says. "The holidays are when you get to treat yourself, and you really get to enjoy [these things]."

When Bass talks about his family's holiday plans, recipes and traditions, you can tell he truly savors every moment with his loved ones and wants others to do the same. The singer recently partnered with Starbucks for their Holiday Presence Exchange campaign, which encourages everyone to be more present and spend quality time with their friends and family. The campaign includes fun prompts and festive conversation starters to open up meaningful conversations and help you practice mindfulness a little this holiday season.

And, just in case you were wondering, Bass is a big fan of Starbucks coffee (even outside of the campaign). He says his everyday drink is the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, but when the holiday season approaches he says he loves to make the Gingerbread Flavored Coffee at home in his Keurig coffee maker (buy it: $199 at Bed, Bath & Beyond). He says, "[It's perfect for] when you want the quick option." And a cup of coffee is the perfect time to catch up with loved ones, according to Bass. He says, "Having a good soundtrack to your coffee chat can set the mood and help you connect. Don't be afraid to put on some great music!" (Noted. I'll be drinking my coffee and listening to NYSNC's Christmas album on repeat.)