It’s time to actually enjoy Thanksgiving—not spend it stressing over the turkey.
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GEFU Digital Radio Roast Thermometer With Timer
Credit: Sur La Table

We're already getting our plan together for this Thanksgiving—from special additions to the menu to budget-friendly kitchen tools that will make your holiday incredibly easy. Whether you're spending the big day with friends, family or some combination of the two, making the menu as delicious and as easy as possible is our top priority. And if your Thanksgiving lineup features a roasted or smoked turkey at the center, you might end up spending half of your time checking on the bird until it's fully cooked.

But this Gefu Digital Radio Roast Thermometer from Food52 (buy it: $65) takes all the guesswork out of getting your main dish just right. The thermometer comes with a handheld screen and stainless steel temperature probe, so you can send your turkey into the oven with the thermometer already inserted. The screen communicates with the probe by radio to determine the temperature of whatever you're roasting, so you can check the progress of your meal without even opening the oven door.

The screen even allows you to set a target temperature based on the kind of meat you're cooking and how well done you'd like it to be. The screen will turn red and sound a signal when you finally reach the perfect temperature, so you don't even have to keep your eye on the temperature readings. 

Gefu Digital Radio Roast Thermometer on granite counter
Credit: Food52

Buy it: Gefu Digital Radio Roast Thermometer, $65; Food52

Reviewers love the dependability of this thermometer—and most of the gadgets produced by Gefu, the German kitchenware company that has been around since the 1950s. And with reviews that emphasize the thermometer's ease of use and convenience for multitasking, it sounds like a must-have gadget for the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

"This is a great product for someone like me who multitasks even when cooking," one review reads. "The alert ensures I don't burn or overcook the meat while working on another aspect of the meal or while enjoying a glass of vino!" Honestly, we'd use this thermometer year-round if it meant relaxing on the couch instead of hovering near the oven.

"Very easy to use—you can easily change the desired meat, taste/doneness and mode (Fahrenhet/Celsius)," another reviewer writes. "I also like the alarm for when it reaches a goal temperature." This reviewer also mentioned how nice it is to keep the oven door closed as the meat cooks in the oven—after all, opening the oven door will just make your Thanksgiving turkey take even longer to cook.

Shop the Gefu Digital Radio Roast Thermometer (buy it: $65, Food52) ahead of turkey day—or anytime you want a relaxed roast dinner—and get ready to have one less thing to worry about for your next feast.