Katie Lee Biegel's Thanksgiving Pot Pie Looks So Good, I Just Might Make It Tonight

This Thanksgiving pot pie recipe is perfect for using up holiday leftovers!

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Imagine everything you love most about the savory portion of the Thanksgiving menu, from turkey and Brussels sprouts to stuffing and cranberries, all stuffed inside one bite. Now stop imagining, because this exists!

I was introduced to the 2019 classic casserole thanks to a rerun episode of The Kitchen that aired this weekend on Food Network. It featured the hosts' all-time favorite recipes—plus some new ones inspired by viewer votes on their personal top dishes.

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Along with sharing the secret to the juiciest chicken breast and a feeds-a-crowd sheet-pan pancake, Katie Lee Biegel stole the show (in my opinion, at least) with her Thanksgiving Pot Pie recipe. Well, it's actually crew cook Gail's recipe, which she makes every November for a cast and crew lunch.

"My partner and I were trying to find an efficient way to serve Thanksgiving dinner to this big crowd, and we thought this would be a good way to do it," Gail says.

"It reminds you of home," one crew member explains.

To make it, start by rolling out store-bought puff pastry so it will cover a 9- x 13-inch pan. In a skillet, melt butter to use to saute onions and celery. Once tender, stir in flour, which will help thicken the pot pie filling. Cook for a couple minutes "so the floury flavor comes out of it and it comes to a nice light golden color," Lee Biegel explains.

While Gail doesn't include them, Lee Biegel's Thanksgiving table always features Brussels sprouts, so she adds in some thinly shredded slices. Next up, stuffing mix (purchased, like Pepperidge Farm® Herb Seasoned Classic Stuffing; buy it: $2.99 for 12 ounces, Instacart, or homemade) and shredded turkey breast, and lastly chicken or turkey broth, half-and-half, salt and pepper. Cook until it thickens, about 5 to 7 minutes, then transfer this mixture into a greased 9- x 13-inch pan (such as this one from Williams Sonoma, $40).

Finish with some dollops of cranberry sauce (buy it: $1.59 for 14 ounces, Target, or homemade). Crown the casserole with the prepared puff pastry, brush with an egg wash, then use a knife to slice a few small vents near the middle of the pastry. Bake until golden brown, or for about 45 minutes.

"Why wait for Thanksgiving to have these flavors? We might as well be able to have them any time," Lee Biegel says.

Preach, Katie! Which is why after I wrap up the workday, I'm pretty sure I'm going to the supermarket to grab a few ingredients to whip this up myself. Too soon, you might say? Never.

I love the fact that this cozy dish is super customizable, too. If it's far from Thanksgiving time and you're not in the mood to roast a turkey, this could easily be made with rotisserie chicken instead. And a couple fans who have made this themselves have also made it their own. "I use carrots and peas instead of Brussels sprouts. Also, I add more cranberry sauce than the recipe [calls for]. This is awesome! Thanksgiving on one plate," one raves. Another says, "I just added a bit of sage. I loved how simple it was to make. A new favorite!"

Get the recipe for Lee Biegel's (ahem, Gail's) Thanksgiving Pot Pie recipe here. If you're saving this to make around the actual holiday, our most genius recipe ideas to use up Thanksgiving leftovers might also come in handy.

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