The Best Friendsgiving Dessert for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Should you serve a spiced apple pie or swirled pumpkin cheesecake this Friendsgiving? The answer could be written in the stars.

It's no secret that the ultimate foodie holiday is Thanksgiving—or its more laid-back cousin, Friendsgiving. Of that all-important meal we look forward to all year, one of the most vital segments is the finale: the dessert course. There's no going wrong with classic pumpkin pie, but in case you're in a Turkey Day sweets rut, consider a confection inspired by your zodiac sign. To guide us through this celestial holiday journey, we tapped Arizona-based astrologer Molly Cardinal to share the best Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dessert for your sign.

The Best Friendsgiving Dessert for Your Zodiac Sign


Saffranskaka (Saffron Cake)
Jacob Fox

Aries is not only a fire sign, but also the first sign of the zodiac, so they're known for leading the group, taking charge and being impulsive. They aren't hesitant to try something new and exciting, like this Saffranskaka (Saffron Cake). According to Cardinal, "The flavors in this unique pie recipe stand out from the usual spread of sweets, just as adventurous Aries stands out from the crowd."



Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which means this sign not only craves security in their physical environment but also wants their surroundings to be luxurious, romantic and beautiful. "As a sign drawn to physical comforts, Taurus will love the absolute decadence and sensory experience of [this Chocolate-Fudge Pudding Cake,]" shares the astrologer.


cranberry coconut trifle

Gemini is a Mercurial sign, so their busy minds work overtime to absorb and process new information. They're not afraid to quickly change course if it makes sense to them—even if nobody else has caught up yet! For the twins, consider this Cranberry Coconut Trifle, which also works with apples, pears, peaches and more. Cardinal explains, "This recipe calls for cranberries, but changeable Gemini can easily sub in another acidic fruit that appeals to them at the moment."


apple pie bread

Cancer's symbol is the crab, and this imagery manifests as their need to be ensconced by comforting, familiar things and feel emotionally protected. "Homemade bread is the ultimate classic comfort food, so as a sign who thrives with plenty of self-care and home time, Cancer will appreciate both the cozy aromatic experience and tasty apple pie flavor of this dessert," shares Cardinal. A long-beloved Apple Pie Bread is just the ticket for the crab signs at your Turkey Day table.



Ruled by the sun, Leo is known to be a leader and likes to stand out from the crowd. But much like how the sun is the center of the solar system, Leo also loves to be the center of attention and is drawn to flair and creativity. Cardinal adds, "Leo appreciates an exciting presentation, so they'll love this enticing [Rustic Pear Tart] with an arrangement of sliced pears." Just be sure to use ripe pears to keep all your Leo guests happy, since there's not a lot of added sugar in this recipe.


pumpkin oatmeal cookies

The sun enters the sign of Virgo during the traditional harvest season and time of preparation, so this sign is skilled at collecting and making use of everything at its disposal to meet a realistic goal. "A sign who loves practicality and often tends to be health-conscious, Virgo will enjoy these Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies that can be served as a warm dessert with ice cream or as a grab-and-go breakfast in the morning," Cardinal explains.


Sea Salt & Caramel Hot Chocolate Bombs

Not only is this sign symbolized by the scales, but the start of Libra season also coincides with the fall equinox when daylight and nighttime are equal. Thus, this sign desires everything in their life to be balanced and fair. What better cure for Libra's craving for balance and perfection than a sweet and salty dessert? These Sea Salt and Caramel Hot Chocolate Bombs are also easily shareable with a friend or loved one, according to Cardinal. Loved the viral hot cocoa bomb trend? Check out our step-by-step guide for the best at-home version.



Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the farthest planet (yes, it's still a planet in astrology circles) from the sun. This sign is known to fixate on far-out and hard-to-grasp things in order to fully understand and integrate them. Cardinal adds, "this [Died-and-Went-to-Heaven Chocolate Cake] will be a match for Scorpio's focused intensity."


Cranberry Clafloutis
Eric Wolfinger

Sagittarius is among the most adventurous and thrill-seeking signs, thanks to its mutable fire quality. Sagittarius appreciates constant inspiration to find the next exciting thing to experience and learn from. Cardinal says, "Sagittarius is a dynamic sign that loves to have fun and experience new things, so they'll love this deliciously tempting [Cranberry Clafoutis,]" with sweet-tart pieces of fruit suspended in custard.


white cake on a white cake stand with a pile of berries on top for garnish

At the top of the zodiac chart and symbolized by the climbing goat, Capricorns are known to set lofty goals and work and grind until they meet them, taking great pride in the accomplishment. "Capricorn is not afraid of a challenge, so they will appreciate the attention required to whip up this delicious [Chantilly Cake;] the end result will be that much sweeter," Cardinal explains.


purple sweet potato pie

Of the 12 zodiac signs, Aquarians are known to be the most offbeat. They also like to encourage everyone around them to embrace their own uniqueness, and they thrive in experiencing the unconventional. "Aquarius appreciates everything quirky and unusual, so they'll be drawn to this Purple Sweet Potato Pie—with a surprising shot of brandy mixed in," shares Cardinal.


Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, a quality that lends them an otherworldly imagination and the need for artistic expression. Cardinal adds, "Creative and aesthetically oriented Pisces will love swirling the pumpkin and cream cheese top to this Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake into a unique design."

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