Joanna Gaines' Go-To Late Night Snack Is a Customizable Classic

Joanna just shared her take on the iconic dorm room go-to.

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Whether you trust Joanna Gaines for her insight on the easiest ways to decorate your space or look to her for the tastiest weekend breakfast recipes, one thing is for sure—the interior designer and cookbook author is always on trend. So it's no surprise that she's a fan of one of the most dependable convenience foods that we know and love: instant ramen noodles.

Gaines shared her preferred way to dress up a bowl of instant ramen on Instagram, where the HGTV host wrote that a packet of the chicken-flavored noodles were a great late-night snack for "when the kids go to bed." After boiling her noodles and adding in the packet of seasoning, Gaines chopped up some thick slabs of fresh jalapeño pepper to add some spice to her bowl. (We love adding a little extra kick to our food, but eating hot peppers right before bed probably won't help you get your best night's sleep.)

Commenters were ready to chime in with their favorite instant ramen add-ins, from greens like cabbage and spinach to scrambled egg, kimchi and diced red onion—yum!

Joanna Gaines on a designed background
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And if you're looking to upgrade your noodles straight from the packet, we have some pointers on that as well. To dial back the sodium content, try using half of the seasoning packet that comes with the noodles and adding in some favorite veggies, herbs and spices to punch up the flavor without all the salt. Some of our favorite additions, like ginger, garlic and spinach, will level up your basic packet of instant noodles and add a healthful boost of nutrients.

But it wouldn't be a Joanna Gaines Instagram post without some gorgeous kitchenware in the mix. The video gives us a look at Gaines' super convenient over-stove faucet, like this one from Delta (buy it: $483, Home Depot). Plus, she serves up her noodles in a pretty bowl and chopsticks set.

earthenware noodle bowl with slot for wooden chopsticks
West Elm

Buy it: Jordana Earth Noodle Bowl, $32;

Gaines' bowl is from a local retailer, Gather Waco, which makes tons of fun pottery for your dining table. We've found a couple cheaper options for those who love the look of those $36 bowls. The White Ceramic Noodle Bowl and Bamboo Chopsticks Set from World Market will run you just $7, and its five-star reviews make it an appealing budget pick. West Elm also offers a handcrafted Jordana Earth Noodle Bowl for $32, so you can get the pottery look at a bit of a discount.

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