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A portrait of Molly Baz next to a sparkling clean baking sheet
Credit: Ward + Kweskin, Getty Images / duckycards

Molly Baz has been busy. From publishing a cookbook to starting a podcast all about sandwiches, it seems like no project is too big for her. Apparently that extends to cleaning dishes as well. In the most recent episode of her Get Dialed Instagram series with Crate & Barrel (she has a partnership with the retailer), Baz tackled sheet pans. She not only discussed cooking techniques, but also how to clean sheet pans (yep, even the really dirty ones!).

If you've ever had juices or sugars caramelize onto your sheet pan, you know what a pain it can be to get clean. Even if you can scrub your sheet pan endlessly with soap and water, the stains will likely still remain. Lucky for us, Baz has the perfect product for your sheet-pan cleaning needs, and it's less than $5! If you don't already have it, Bar Keeper's Friend is worth a spot in your kitchen.

Bar Keeper's Friend® 12-Ounce Cookware Cleaner
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Bar Keeper's Friend (BKF) is a powder cleaner that can remove grease, grime, stains and more from non-porous surfaces. It is popular for use all over the house, but is especially handy in the kitchen. To tackle messes that are caked on to sheet pans, Baz sprinkles BKF liberally all over the pan. Then, she adds some water and scrubs with the rough side of a non-abrasive sponge (like these Scotch-Brite sponges from Amazon, $5). Though this method takes a bit of elbow grease, it leads to some pretty amazing results. For stains that are really stuck on, Baz has another method. She adds the pan with some hot water directly onto a burner on the stove. As the water heats up, it allows the sugars that are burnt on to cook and easily scrape off with a spatula. 

The before and after of the sheet pan Baz cleaned is pretty remarkable, and her techniques might just inspire you to get your own sheet pans a refresh. If you aren't into heavy duty cleaners like BKF, we have other options for how to clean a sheet pan with things you probably already have at home.