Here's Every New Pumpkin-Flavored Item Coming to Trader Joe's This Fall

When TJ’s starts putting out the pumpkin snacks, you know it’s finally fall.

Trader Joe's is back this year with another #pumpkinpalooza, featuring all kinds of fall-flavored products that will have you feeling like it's finally fall. From frozen spicy pumpkin samosas to canned pumpkin spice lattes (with just 100 calories per serving), the store is bringing pumpkin into every part of the day. That even includes some lifestyle products, like a $3.99 Vanilla Pumpkin-Scented Candle, Pumpkin Body Butter and a Pumpkin Overnight Face Mask.

Trader Joes grocery store entrance with sign

We've rounded up every pumpkin item we can find from this year's ongoing fall haul, whether it was spotted by eagle-eyed shoppers or announced by Trader Joe's itself. Your store may not get in all of these products at once, as the store announced on Instagram that fall items would roll out over the next two weeks, but this list will give you some standouts to look forward to.

7 Pumpkin Breakfast Items Coming to Trader Joe's

These bagels are "made with pumpkin flour and pumpkin pie spice bits," according to the label, so you know they'll pack a punch of fall flavor.

  • Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Bagels

Gluten-free folks, have no fear—you can enjoy an autumnal bagel in the morning as well. Made with pumpkin purée, molasses and pumpkin spices, these bagels cost $4.49 for each 13-ounce bag.

Yum! Though no Trader Joe's influencers have spotted this item in stores yet, you can catch a glimpse of it in the first slide of the brand's pumpkin-flavored Instagram post.

This morning treat comes in boxes of eight waffles, so you can get four servings for just $1.99 each.

This non-dairy yogurt is also flavored with a little coconut cream for some added flavor, and will cost you $1.69 for a 5.3-ounce container.

A perfectly priced snack or breakfast, this yogurt costs just $1 per 5.3-ounce container.

One of these 5.5-ounce containers will cost you just $1.99, so feel free to grab a couple of these healthy, convenient breakfasts ahead of a busy week.

When you're on the go and needing a little pick-me-up, these cereal bars can definitely come to the rescue. Each box of six costs just $1.99.

6 Pumpkin Sweet Treats Coming to Trader Joe's

This box of sweets is the latest addition to Trader Joe's lineup of Hold the Cone mini drumsticks. Each box contains eight mini ginger-flavored cones filled with pumpkin ice cream and iced with a white confectionery coating.

This creamy treat will cost you $3.99 per quart. Instagram user @traderjoeslist says she "can't wait" to load her freezer with this seasonal treat. (You could also try our Pumpkin Pie Nice Cream until your TJ's has this product in stock.)

Talk about the perfect way to get a taste of pumpkin spice! These little shortbread cookies are coated in a thin layer of pumpkin spice-flavored yogurt for a little of that classic fall flavor.

This twist on the standard Joe-Joe sandwich cookie trades chocolate cookies for pumpkin-flavored cookies.

We can't wait to enjoy one of these with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee. These biscotti come in an 8-ounce pack and are made with pumpkin purée and spices.

Each six-pack of these delicate, spongy cookies will cost you $2.99. Pair them with your favorite fall coffee or tea, like a biscotti, or enjoy as a stand-alone dessert.

4 Pumpkin Items to Add to Your Fall Charcuterie Boards

These "crisp, smoky and sweet crackers" are perfect for enjoying with your favorite cheese or spread, according to TJ's. While no one seems to have spotted them in stores yet, the brand promises they're on their way.

This layered pumpkin snack aims to please, with crunchy pumpkin spice granola, dark chocolate and toasted pumpkin seeds all coming together for a crisp treat. Each 8-ounce bag costs $4.49.

A new dessert hummus is on the loose. Meant to be served with pretzels, according to Trader Joe's signage, this dip would be the ultimate upgrade for an autumn snacking board. Each 8-ounce container costs $2.49.

  • Lightly-Spiced Pumpkin Spread

This spread comes in a 9-ounce jar and is perfect as "a tasty savory counterpoint to cheeses and cold cuts or to accompany roasted meats and vegetables." Sounds like the perfect way to round out your cheese plate!

8 Pumpkin Items for Home Cooks

Made with grana pandano and pecorino romano cheeses, this sauce surely balances the taste of hard, pungent cheese with soft, sweet pumpkin. We'd love to toss butternut squash noodles in this sauce.

This sauce hasn't been spotted in stores yet, but its appearance in Trader Joe's pumpkin roundup gives us something else to look forward to.

Also announced in the Trader Joe's pumpkin preview, this standard pumpkin purée will be perfect for fall pie baking, as well as plenty of our favorite pumpkin purée recipes.

Keep your baking projects simple with this mix, which comes together with just eggs, oil and water.

This gluten-free alternative means nobody has to be left out of the weekend baking party. Pick up a 17.5-ounce box of this mix for less than $4.

Who doesn't love to break out the waffle iron every once in a while? This mix will make brunch a breeze.

This mix is one way to change up the weekend breakfast game. Each 18.5-ounce box of pancake mix costs just $3.29.

We'd love to slather this on scones or croissants—or maybe even dunk our apple slices into it. Yum! Each 10-ounce jar costs $2.29.

Other pumpkin items coming some time in the next few weeks include Pumpkin-Maple Bacon Dog Treats, so your pup can also get in on the pumpkin trend for just $3.99. Plus, Southern Tier Brewing Company Imperial Pumpkin Ale has already been spotted at a Florida Trader Joe's, so you can soon thank TJ's for adding a little spice to your next happy hour.

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