20 Items at Aldi Under $10 You'll Want to Buy Forever

Stock up on these affordable finds the next time you head to Aldi.

OK, this might seem a little misleading. After all, what isn't under $10 at Aldi? From meat, dairy and produce to frozen foods, dry goods and home accessories, Aldi really knows how to save us money. And while Aldi may not be considered a health-food store, it does have a large variety of healthful options; whether you're eating gluten-free, low-calorie or organic, there's truly something for everyone. But there are plenty of perennial must-have items that you're going to want to keep all for yourself. (Heads-up: prices may vary by location.)

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Simply Nature Organic Pumpkin Seed & Flax Granola Cereal

Simply Nature is Aldi's personal brand of organic and/or non-GMO products—with that signature Aldi price. With less than 10 grams of sugar per ½-cup serving, this tasty granola blend also packs protein and fiber. It has lots of those yummy granola clusters, making it perfect for a grab-and-go snack or a yogurt topper. ($2.95 for a 11.5-ounce box)

Southern Grove Shelled Pistachios, Roasted with Sea Salt

While Aldi offers a variety of conventional and organic packaged nuts that are ideal for snacking, not all of them are dry-roasted. Most nuts contain 15 grams of their own natural (but healthy!) fats per ¼-cup serving, so look for those with just the nut and a bit of salt—such as these pistachios. They're crazy good for you, and their price typically reflects the pain in the neck they are to shell. This Aldi-exclusive product is definitely worth the $4.35 for a 6-ounce bag!

Southern Grove Serenity Trail Mix

A good trail mix is salty and sweet—but store-bought versions can often be loaded with sugar, sodium and fat. This mix is a filling combo of almonds and walnuts and gets its sweetness from raisins and cranberries. With no sodium, only 7 grams of sugar and 4 grams of protein per ¼-cup serving, this is truly a bargain snack at $4.99 for a 16-ounce bag.

L'Oven Fresh Protein Wraps

These aren't your giant burrito wraps, but they're plenty big enough to hold all your favorite sandwich fillings—or to turn into flatbread pizzas. A finalist for the 2021 World Food Label Innovation Award, these wraps make it easy to get that extra bit of protein (12 grams!) and fiber (10 grams!) into your day. ($3.99 for a package of six)

Fit & Active 100-Calorie Snack Packs, Baked Chocolate Wafer Snacks

Fit & Active is Aldi's brand that supports weight loss, according to the company. You can toss these take-along packs into your purse, gym bag or glove box and hit both that sweet tooth and chocolate craving. They even manage to sneak in a little bit of fiber and protein, too. ($2.29 for a box of six)

Live Gfree Gluten-Free Brownie Mix

Sometimes an easy-to-whip up brownie mix is the only cure for whatever ails us. This gluten-free mix was a winner in the 7th annual Gluten-Free Buyers Guide, and it's nicely priced so you can have a couple boxes in your pantry for when a chocolate hankering strikes. ($1.89 for a 16-ounce box)

Savoritz Pita Crackers, Garlic & Chive

Crispy and flavorful with that satisfying crunch, these crackers are the perfect size for dipping into hummus or guac. With 0 grams of sat fat, you can also feel good about eating them with a bit of cheese. ($1.35 for a 5-ounce box)

Park Street Deli Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Singles

We won't judge, but if you tend to eat your weight in hummus in a single sitting, then these perfectly portioned hummus-to-go cups will be a game changer. At just 100 calories per cup, there's just enough to slather into a pita, spread on a wrap, or dip carrot sticks into for a mid-day snack. ($2.99 for six cups)

Simply Nature Non-GMO Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt

Both gluten-free and low in sodium, these chips offer that gratifying crunch you expect from a chip. So good! ($2.95 for a 7-ounce bag)

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Veggie Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Aldi carries a variety of refrigerated take-and-bake pizzas, and if you've been looking for a decent gluten-free pie, then look no further. This 12-inch cauli crust doesn't taste like the cardboard box it comes in. (Mama Cozzi knows a thing or two about great-tasting pizzas, as her entire pizza line has regularly earned the Aldi Fan Favorite seal of approval.) Loaded with garden veggies, this 'za is cheaper than carry-out at $6.79!

Simply Nature 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has a seriously high smoke point, which makes it ideal for sautéing, frying and baking. It also packs heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Since this brand is non-GMO verified and a 2019 World Food Label Innovation Award finalist, it's practically a steal at $7.29 for 17 ounces. (It also comes in a spray!)

Happy Farms String Cheese

Voted an Aldi Fan Favorite three years running, all you have to do is taste it to know why. These part-skim mozzarella sticks are just 80 calories apiece, and there's zero reason only kids should get to have them in the lunchboxes. ($2.19 for 12)

Simply Nature Organic Multigrain Tortilla Chips

These chips are not just a 2019 Store Brands Editors' Pick for Best New Products; they're also an Aldi Fan Favorite. It's easy to see why these gluten-free chips are one of Aldi customers' most-loved products: made with corn, flax, brown rice and sunflower seeds, they're lightly seasoned with sea salt and are strong enough to hold whatever you want to dip them into. ($1.79 for an 8.25-ounce bag)

Park Street Deli Homestyle Guacamole Singles

Single-serving guacamole? Genius. When else can you take guacamole with you and still have it be green and fresh for dipping chips or spreading on a sandwich? And each cup is only 100 calories. Made with the same stuff you'd use yourself, but there's no messy cleanup! ($3.39 for six cups)

Simply Nature Organic Thick & Chunky Salsa

There's no watered-down salsa here! This medium-heat pick is a perfect low-cal addition to nachos, tacos and eggs. And because it's lighter in sodium than other salsas (about half the amount as that in a leading national brand), you can feel good about scooping it up with tortilla chips! ($1.35 for a 16-ounce jar)

Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets

Dubbed "red bag chicken" by its legions of fans, these fully cooked chicken fillets supposedly taste like those you get at a certain fast-food chicken chain. When you have this bag in your freezer, you'll never wonder what to make for dinner again. ($6.29 for a 24-ounce bag)

Simply Nature Organic Black Soybean Spaghetti

Not only can gluten-free pastas be pricy, but a lot of them aren't all that tasty. This spaghetti, made from black soybean flour, holds up to flavorful sauces without tasting too "beany." A 2019 Store Brands Editors' Pick for Best New Products, it packs 25 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber per 2-ounce serving. If you're new to alt-pastas, it's a great gluten-free starter spaghetti at just $2.75 for a 7-ounce box.

Simply Nature Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce

Aldi carries many different pasta sauces, but if organic is your preference, this marinara is hard to beat. It boasts a full serving of veggies per ½-cup and has no added sugars. If you've eyed the cost of other organic tomato sauces, it's easy to see that this one's worth stocking up on, at only $1.75 for a 23.5-ounce jar.

Whole & Simple Chicken Quinoa Bowl, Southwestern Style

With whole-grain brown rice and quinoa and ½ cup of vegetables per bowl, this is an easy-peasy lunch that microwaves in less than 5 minutes. Or bake it in the oven and feel like you MADE dinner tonight. #winning ($2.99 per bowl)

Fresh from Aldi Atlantic Salmon

Fresh salmon can be a bank-breaker, but Aldi remedies that with these 1-pound portions that are fresh, never frozen. And while Atlantic (farmed) salmon sometimes gets a bad rap, this fish comes with certification from BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) and a gold medal endorsement for Superior Taste from the American Masters of Taste. It's the most expensive item on this list but still only $7.79 per pound, and you can even get a cedar-planked portion for just $9.99 per pound!

Eager to try these items? All you need are a couple of Jacksons in your wallet, your own carry-out bags and, of course, a cart quarter.

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