"My kind of meal!!!" one fan says, and we could not agree more.
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If the first 18 months are any indication, the 2020s are going to be a decade full of a lot of charcuterie. And we're certainly not mad about that!

2020 charcuterie boards seem to have far fewer rules than in the past. Just like in the movie Pleasantville when the footage flips from black and white to technicolor, we're no longer coloring with only two shades—cheese and meat—and are switching up the presentation far beyond a plain 'ol platter.

Bloggers, recipe developers and chefs are creating vibrant variations on the theme lately. From jarcuterie and wrap-style to pizza-fied and even gingerbread house-inspired, getting creative with your charcuterie means you'll never get board (ahem, bored) by the concept.

Since processed meats have been linked to increased dementia risk and heart disease, and since a massive platter full of any food can be too much of a good thing, we aim to enjoy all of the above in moderation. But thanks to Reluctant Entertainer blog founder Sandy Coughlin, we now have a charcuterie board we'd be happy sharing with our friends and family every week. (She's no amateur at the concept, BTW. Coughlin has a full book of inventive charcuterie ideas on the way this fall: Big Boards for Families; buy it: $26.99, Amazon.)

Coughlin explains in her how-to post about this Zero-Point Foods Charcuterie Board that she's not on WW (Weight Watchers' new name). In fact, she is trying to "take the word 'diet' out of her vocabulary" by finding an eating lifestyle that keeps her feeling healthier while not feeling deprived. This board is inspired by her food blog pal Lori, of Recipe Girl, and a few other pals who, like Oprah, Ciara and Kate Hudson, follow a WW lifestyle.

A top view of a charcuterie board full of vegetables
Credit: Reluctant Entertainer

On her colorful charcuterie board, Coughlin features all "zero-point" foods, which "means you can enjoy them without weighing, measuring, or tracking," if you're on WW, she says. This includes fruits and vegetables, plus lean deli meats and a two-ingredient Greek yogurt-based ranch dip that we cannot wait to try.

A couple fans chimed in on her Instagram walk-through to say that the resulting masterpiece is "just what I need right now🙌🙌🙌" and "my kind of meal!!!" If you agree, learn how to make a Zero-Point Foods Charcuterie Board here.