After seeing the technique, Courtney Cox chimed in to say, "I'm starting today! Woah 🔥"
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A portrait of Kate Hudson on a designed background
Credit: Getty Images / Daniele Venturelli

Kate Hudson is kicking some major booty this year. Her own, actually, and it's clearly helping the busy 42-year-old actor stay sculpted and strong.

Honestly, we don't know how she even has time to sleep, since in addition to starring in dozens of movies and TV shows, she is also a "mom, daughter, sister, friend, lover, worker 🐝 and cosmic investigator 💫" as she explains in her Instagram bio. Oh yes, and Hudson is the founder of a vodka brand and a fitness apparel designer for Fabletics.

Somehow, she carves out enough time to work out often. Her #goals-filled Instagram feed had our muscles shaking and quaking in July, as she demonstrated a super-effective and super-speedy at-home legs workout.

And this week, she's back letting us "join" a session with her trainer, Brian Nguyen, to show us a move that puts a major focus on the butt. Now wonder Olivia Munn adds in the comments of the Instagram post, "You do have the best ass."

To perform Hudson's next-level squat, all you need is some space and a pair of dumbbells (Hudson's look similar to these CAP Barbell Single Chrome Dumbbell with Contoured Handle; buy it: $40.21 per dumbbell, Amazon). Those dumbbells are level up trick #1, and level up trick #2 is the slow and steady pace.

As she holds a dumbbell in each arm, with elbows bent to bring the weight close to each shoulder, Hudson pretends to squat down to tap her booty on top of an imaginary bucket, as Nguyen suggests. Hudson begins with a two-pulse squat, tapping her booty on the "bucket" twice before standing. Then for the final 15-seconds, Nguyen suggests she drop down and hold the squat—while still holding the dumbbells—with her body weight centered between her legs and her weight in her heels.

Courtney Cox chimed in to say, "I'm starting today! Woah 🔥" and we couldn't agree more. That upgrade on the squat looks like it burns so good! And as an added bonus, that "bucket-top" squat hold turns out to be beneficial for your blood pressure too, according to brand-new strength training research.