Don't get caught off guard during your next trip to Costco!

Over the weekend, Costco shoppers showed up in stores to a growing list of products that now have caps on quantities per customer. On Saturday, one Costco member announced via Costco's Reddit community that their local store had posted a handmade notice of maximum purchase allotments on some products.

A Costco storefront with a designed treatment
Credit: Getty Images / Scott Olson

Many of the products included are common household items like bottled spring water, Bounty paper towels and Charmin toilet paper. According to the Reddit post, they have been limited to one or two items per customer at some stores. And while it's not March 2020 all over again, you should do your research before making a trip to the discount retailer. To plan your next warehouse haul, we suggest heading over the offers page on Costco's website to make sure the items you need are available.

While rumors are swirling that the purchase limits are due to supply shortages, for now it's safe to say that items are being capped so everyone has a chance to get what they want due to the member-only sales event going on through August 29th. So keep calm and plan accordingly!