Up the nutrition of your order with these suggestions.
Beef with Broccoli in a takeout container on a red background
Credit: Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

It's easy to go all out with the delicious family-style meals served at this popular chain. Which means it's easy for the calorie and sodium counts to rise quickly. But we found plenty of tasty options that keep things in check and are full of colorful vegetables and lean protein. Keep in mind that each entree is meant to serve 2 people (the lettuce wraps serve 4) and comes with a side of rice—choose brown to make your meal extra-filling. The numbers below reflect 1 serving of the dish sans rice. If you are dining alone consider saving some for another time. Here are our top choices at P.F. Chang's.

Beef with Broccoli

335 cal, 25g protein, 3g fiber, 1,055mg sodium

When you're craving a classic, this stir-fried combo of beef and fiber-rich broccoli in a ginger-garlic sauce does the trick.

Buddha's Feast

190 cal, 14g protein, 5g fiber, 1,165mg sodium

This vegetarian stir-fry boasts flavorful five-spiced tofu and loads of vibrant green beans, shiitakes, broccoli and carrots—in a savory sauce. Don't skip the brown rice to make this low-cal meal more satisfying.

Chang's Spicy Chicken

420 cal, 31g protein, 1g fiber, 570mg sodium

The sweet and spicy chili sauce-smothered chicken comes fried, but if you request it steamed, it'll shave 140 calories and save you a little sodium too.

Miso Glazed Salmon

330 cal, 25g protein, 2g fiber, 650mg sodium

Salmon is always a great choice for its heart-health benefits thanks to omega-3s and vitamin D. This option comes with an umami-packed sauce, mushrooms, spinach and bok choy.

Chang's Lettuce Wraps

178 cal, 10g protein, 2g fiber, 458mg sodium

A signature favorite appetizer, these iceberg wraps feature ground chicken, crunchy water chestnuts and sauce made with spicy Sriracha, savory soy sauce and sweet hoisin.

This article first appeared in EatingWell, June 2021.