ThePrep: Quick 20-Minute Dinners for Summer

These quick and easy dinners leave me plenty of time to soak up the remaining days with bike rides, trips to the beach, hikes and all that fun stuff.

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Not to dwell on it, but summer is sadly coming to a close! As much as I love fall—it's the most beautiful time of the year here in Vermont—I'm soaking up the remaining days of summer and filling them with bike rides, trips to the beach, hikes and all that fun stuff. In order to fit it all in, I'm turning to 20-minute recipes that are fast, easy and full of that summer flavor I'm loving right now.

Your Meal Plan

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The week begins with Cherry Tomato & Garlic Pasta, which is one of the many recipes I look forward to making with fresh veggies from my garden! It's perfect timing to make this tasty dish as my cherry tomato plant is full of ripe goodness. This recipe starts with sizzling six cloves of garlic in olive oil, so you can imagine how yummy your kitchen will smell when you make this dinner. The same can be said for Tuesday's 20-Minute Chicken Cutlets with Creamy Pesto Sauce and Wednesday's Spicy Shrimp Tacos, both of which incorporate plenty of fragrant herbs and spices.

Friday's tasty Grilled Pizza with Summer Squash, Feta & Basil closes out this week of 20-minute summer dinners. With only five ingredients, this recipe is easy to make and even easier to clean up, which makes it a good one to end a busy week with!

Sunday: Cherry Tomato & Garlic Pasta

Monday: Vegetarian All-American Portobello Burgers

Tuesday: 20-Minute Chicken Cutlets with Creamy Pesto Sauce over zucchini noodles

Wednesday: Spicy Shrimp Tacos

Thursday: Chicken & Spinach Skillet Pasta with Lemon & Parmesan

Friday: Grilled Pizza with Summer Squash, Feta & Basil

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Meal-Prep Snack

Strawberry-Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark

As much as I've been loving the cones from our local creemee stand ("creemee" is Vermont slang for soft-serve ice cream), it's probably a good idea to go for something with a little less sugar to help balance out my sweet tooth. Frozen yogurt bark is just that. This Strawberry-Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark looks yummy to me but you can top yours off with whatever you're craving.

Get the Recipe: Strawberry-Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bark

Treat Yourself


Frozen Peach Margaritas—is there anything more summery than that? These frosty cocktails are full of fresh flavor, and they're just the thing to help cool me down on hot nights. I'll be making a blender-full for my next happy hour get-together.

Get the Recipe: Frozen Peach Margaritas

I hope you all have a safe and happy week, and if you have any questions or requests for future newsletters, please let me know by emailing!

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